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Oyo residents rejoice as garri price crashes drastically

by Family Center

Garri which is the food for average Nigerians, can either be drink especially in the afternoon during the dry season or processed to make Eba.

The price of gari a staple in the country has dropped by more than 60 percent in Oyo State and other parts of Southwest of Nigeria within the last three months.

Dailyfamily.ng conducted a market survey on the staple on Friday, at popular Bodija and Sango markets respectively, in Ibadan the Oyo state capital, it is observed that the price has gone down from as high as #300 to between #150 and #180 per Congo.

Congo is the standard unit for measurement of foodstuffs like rice, beans garri etc in some part of Southwest region.

Many buyers, who came to buy gari in the market said they were happy as they could get the commodity as low as #150 per Congo.

Speaking with dailyfamily.ng, miss Oluwaseun Adetula, a fresh graduate from the Polytechnic Ibadan, ” am very happy that the price of gari which the common hope for average Nigerians, has reduced drastically comparing to the amount we used to buy it before.”

She prayed that the price of other foodstuffs could crash also so that every family in the country will be able to feed well.

Another buyer at Sango market, Mrs Toyin Ojedokun who came to shop garri at the market said she was very happy to buy the commodity at such low price, ” my brother, am so happy that I could buy garri at this cheap price. It was not easy when the price was #300 per Congo and #40 per milk cup.

One of the traders attributed the price crash to the current bumper harvest of cassava after many Nigerians had yielded the call to return to the farm.

Another trader at Bodija market, who Identified herself as Mama Bolu said the sales of garri are now moving in the market, however, she said that there maybe likely increase in the price due to the dry season.

“We are happy that the price has crashed and this has attracted customers to patronised us unlike before when it was sold for #40 per milk cup and rice was sold for #60 per milk cup.

“Some people preferred buying rice instead of garri. But since the price has crashed people are now buying garri which is the hope of average families in Nigeria.

“There maybe likely increase in the price due to the dry season because the soil is dry now and to uproot the cassava tubers will be very difficult, she said.

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