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5 Parental Attitudes that can Endanger your Children’s Future

by Anjorin Dare

Bisi Adewale
Many Parents do not know they can greatly hurt their Children’s future with their actions, reactions or even inaction. The Bible even warns parents (fathers most especially) not to provoke their Children to wrath, you need to learn about the 5 Ways to hurt your children so that you may avoid them. It was Gary Lunberg that said “Sometimes parents don’t realize the impact certain behaviors have on their children. Loving parents don’t want to harm their children physically or psychologically, but if you’re not careful it can happen. These actions can cause those precious little souls you love so much to cry in the night, unbeknownst to you”

5 Parental Attitudes that can Endanger your Children's Future

5 Parental Attitudes that can Endanger your Children’s Future

1) FIGHT YOUR SPOUSE DIRTY IN THEIR PRESENCE: Fighting dirty in the presence of your spouse is a deep way to hurt your Children and prepare a difficult future for yourself. Abusing your spouse, cursing him or her or making life difficult for each other will greatly hurt your children. Avoid it.

2) BEAT YOUR SPOUSE: Beating your spouse will hurt the memory of your Children forever. When a man beats his wife he has committed a crime which his Children may never forgive him, that is while we must avoid this stupid act.

3) CALL THEM INSULTING NAMES: There is an old saying “you may not talk to me, I will be cured, hurt me with your words it may be without a cure” this is very true, your word can do a irreparable damage to the emotion of your Child. Call your Children names, abusing them, cursing them, hurting them with words is one great mistake any parent can make. It can shatter the self-esteem of a Child, can limit self-belief and hurt them for the rest of their lives.

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4) HIT THEM REGULARLY: Hitting your Children, beating them like animals Amy hurt their feelings greatly. There are better ways to train, correct and discipline a Child without inflicting pains on him or her, look for better ways to do things. Am not saying you can not use corporal punishment at all, The Bible even recommend it, but when you begin to hurt and cause pains, it’s no more discipline but bullying the Child.

5) DIVORCE YOUR SPOUSE: You may think you are divorcing your spouse to protect your Children but on the contrary, you will end up hurting them. Children are not meant to be raised by one Parent, it takes “firmness” and “fairness” to raise a Child. Fathers are expected to bring firmness while the wife brings fairness, to raise a complete Child you need the two, as soon as you divorce you lose one of them.
One recent research shows that Children from divorced homes never recover from the emotional hurts their parents dissolve Marriage brought to them even in their adult years, that is why they seem to make many wrong decisions in life much more than Children from double parents home


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