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Parenting youngsters with positive attitude

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Parenting youngsters like your adolescents and teenagers can be a herculean task of proper understanding of their minds.

In general, youngsters would rather prefer to see you in action than you scolding them often or telling them to do what they are not willing to do.

It gets more frustrating when such youngsters began to hear you compare them with other children in the next block. Even the meekest of man-made wouldn’t want to be compared with someone else since we are all differently and uniquely made.

Parenting young children comes with diligence and patience. Children love to look up to someone they can learn from. You have never started the race to parenting until you come to a place when your children are looking up to you before they act.

So many teachers have emerged in recent time propounding all manner of theory into how best to parent a child, which are all good anyways. But then, parenting with a positive attitude shows them the right way to go. It serves as the cordoning rope which channels their life into the right course to take.


Follow these instances when parenting with a positive attitude


  1. Do it First

When you want your daughter to brush her teeth, never make it sound stern or too serious. Rather take your brush, get some toothpaste on it and let her know. Hello daughter, brushing early in the morning is good for your oral health. Go get your brush so we can brush together.

You can bet that she wouldn’t hesitate to brush next with you and even by herself without your supervision the next time she is expected to do so since you have shown her the path to oral hygiene.


  1. Relate with examples

Children love examples, not a comparison. They become more tilted to your advisory side since you have given them something they can relate with.

Relating with children with examples is more like giving them a substance to hold onto. You will notice that even on the verge of making a mistake on what you have shown an example in, they will be quick to remember that you once made an example telling them about the right way to go.

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  1. Tell your story

Truly, most parents wouldn’t want to share their experiences on how they were able to deal with some life challenges. If you fail to share your experience, your children who are looking up to you will not know the right path to take.

The beauty of parenting comes in when you come transparent to your children to tell them what you went through and how you coped with such situation.

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