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How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman Scandal

by Oba Samuel
How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal

-By Oba Samuel

How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal

Let me start by saying that I doff my cap for all men of God who have been standing in the Lord’s Vineyard preaching the gospel without blemish and the same time; I also salute men of God who have found themselves in the murky water of scandal; though wounded but not buried as you are coming out stronger and better with lots of lessons for others to learn. How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal

The work of a pastor is not an easy one; it comes with its own hazards as well. A man of God must have been full of great works with massive impacts for over thirty years which may endear a lot of people to him but he can lose everything within few minutes when his scandal hit the headlines of print, electronics and social media. This clearly explains the scandal of Apostle Suleman and Stephanie Otobo. This is one story too many as it evolve from different angles daily for past one week. Whether he is innocent or guilty is not what we are talking about but how to prevent the recurring of such among the men of God.


1.Have rule and stick To It

There is always a rule guiding every successful life. If you are living your life as a pastor without a strict rule; you will soon be over rule in ministry. Some of the rule you must have is not to allow anyone take away your personal time with God in constant prayers and study of the Bible. Solid relationship with the Holy Spirit will not give room to the flesh to express itself. Another rule you must stick to is never to counsel a woman alone in a closed office. Also don’t employ a female secretary. Many great men of God have soil their garments with unholy affairs they never planned for. Some due to ignorance of this facts and others through Pentecostal pride saying ‘’nothing will happen’’. Breaking this rule has swallowed many great men of God in history, don’t permit your name in its log book. How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal


2.Avoid Living Separately From Your Wife

If you must be scandal free, avoid living separately. No reason is good enough for a Pastor to be living alone in a 3 bedroom flat of a duplex. Unfortunately, there are lots of Pastors today living in different towns and country away from their wives. Such Men may have reasons like ‘I want to grow this new branch while my wife Pastors our mother Church’. This system has leave a vacuum which may be filled by any church member; be it single or married. Any of your domestic staff can also seduce you. Even if there is nothing of such, but your neighbours can start the rumour which may get to the media. Don’t permit expansion in ministry bring suspension to your wife in your life. Stay together

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3.Don’t Break Ministerial Ethics:

There are ministerial ethics you must not break if you don’t want your image to be tainted. It’s unethical for pastors to be hugging a female member, going to a female’s room to pray alone or holding a vigil with her. It is wrong for a Pastor to hang out in a eatery or go on vacation with a female member. It’s also wrong for a Pastor to hold a counseling session in a hotel room with a female. If you are a guest Minister as a Pastor, always avoid a female in your entourage whenever your wife is not there. Breaking these ministerial ethics will easily lead to your downfall.


4.Be Sincere with Yourself About Your Weak-points:

Somebody once said, your weak points as an unbeliever is what will become your point trap as Christian. Many at times, we all know our weak points but not owing up to the fact that it is the major problem. Never ignore your weak point. If women and sex is your weakness, shield yourself away from its danger zones. Be sincere to yourself.

Apostle Suleman


5.Have A Solid Relationship With Your Wife

One of the major antidotes to scandal is to have a solid relationship with your wife. Build intimacy with your wife and let everyone know that you are in love with your wife. Don’t just love her secretly, show it. Make her your confidant. Tell her if you struggling with lust towards any opposite sex and pray together on it. Living a cat and mouse lifestyle with your wife will expose you quickly to evil wind of sexual scandal. How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal


6.Have A Good Mentor:

One mistake of pastors is not to realized that he is still a man. As a man, you can still be tempted. Many are batting with sexual temptation from lots of female around with no one to tell, only to fall into it later in life. When you are faced with cases like this it is not only prayers you need, you need wisdom as well. That is why every Pastor should have a spiritual mentor who you can confide in, he will pray with you and give godly counsel. Sadly, many pastors don’t have mentors. How Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal

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7.Keep Your Private Number Away from Female Members

Try as much as possible to keep your personal phone number from female members and counselees. If they need to get in touch with you, let them call the Church line during the official hours. Once they don’t have your direct contact, it will keep you safe from the antics of stripers. Don’t be too caring or compassionate to be calling them at odd hours because emotion may take over and those conversation can be recorded and used against you later.


  1. Let The Act Of Charity Be Done Strictly On Church’s Account:

    Avoid being a Santa Clause who dole out cash and other gift items to people, especially the female. People may read meaning to your giving gifts to female members. Instead, do your donations and assistance through the welfare department of the Church or through a foundation. Beware, many are regretting this todayHow Pastors Can Avoid Apostle Suleman’s And Stephanie Otobo’s Scandal


  1. Becareful of Women with Ulterior Motives:The fact that you are a Pastor does not mean that all women around have genuine motives. Some women that are flocking around you have ulterior motives. Many are satanic agents sent after you to pull down your ministry; some may envy your wife thereby trying hard to have access to what your wife is enjoying in your life. Be careful of women who always want to see you alone, women who dressed seductively, women who want to rest on your shoulder crying during counseling, women who are always complaining to you that her husband is not satisfying her sexually. Run away from such women if you don’t want to ruin your ministry.

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