by O. S David


Please note that I’m not sharing this to tarnish the image of my pastor’s wife or to destroy her home that is why I chose not to mention any of their names or church name. I’m only sharing this to seek for advice to help the poor man and to educate other women especially the singles who are preparing for marriage.

Few months ago my pastor left his house and move to a room in the Church, leaving his wife of five years and two Children in his official house.
This caused a lot of confusion in the Church, the Pastor later explain that he left home not to divorce his wife but because the woman is too dirty. This was not acceptable to all of us, but he challenged us to visit his wife at home.
Two days ago my phone rang it was my pastor’s wife on the other end of the phone, she asked me to see her as she was very sick. As the head of the prayer team I called two other Members of the team, one lady and a brother, off we went to the Pastor’s house.


I can’t believe what I saw, we sat down on baby urine on the Chairs in the living room, cloths was everywhere, the woman bra was on the wall, used baby diaper was by one corner of the house. Dirty and stinking cloths everywhere, the stench coming out of the bathroom and Toilet was unbearable.
We entered the flat through the Kitchen, we were welcome by giants fruits flies and house flies who were enjoying themselves on the used plates, cups and pots which had not been washed for days.
When we entered the woman’s room it was something else, the cover cloth was so dirty, the odour from the room can kill the living, bed bug was visible, cobweb was everywhere and the woman has lice on her head, I have never seen something like that in my life, if I was not there I will believe it was an exaggeration.

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As a lady, I was one of the major antagonists of the pastor for leaving the house, but after seeing this, I was too pricked in my mind to fight on, he said he had done everything to make the woman change but to no avail, you can never believe that this woman is a Graduate of Mass communication. Dear Nigerians, what do you suggest that this Man should do to make his wife change because I know his life is insecure living away from his wife.


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