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People you must avoid in relationships and business

by Family Center
People you must avoid in relationships and business-dailyfamily.ng

Last year I was invited to a wedding by a dear friend and I went with a lady friend.

At the wedding, I met a lot of old friends and some people who have heard of me but were just meeting me for the first time.

Something strange however happened. My outfit got stained with lipstick. I was shocked and embarrassed. I didn’t know how it happened.

So I said to my friend:”Just imagine If I am married and the woman is a type who jumps into conclusions easily or doesn’t trust me that means there will be issues at home because she will think I have been cheating on her”.

Her response shocked me.
She said:” Kenny, If I were to be your wife, I will make the house hot for you that night whether you know anything about it or not”.

We laughed about it but the statement got me thinking and that scenario became the end of my interest in her

She said she doesn’t care if I am right or wrong. So I asked myself where is the trust?

There are married folks who are fighting their spouses based on assumption.

You accuse your partner of things you are not sure of.

You wife or husband’s profession may permit them to meet with ladies or guys on a regular basis. That does not mean they are cheating on you. There are people who are just too insecure for no reason, they give wrong interpretation to everything.

Stop concluding on issues you are not sure of. We all need some level of trust.

Avoid doing things with people that can’t trust you, it is very dangerous because they won’t believe anything you do.

Kehinde Olagbenjo

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