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Popular UK Clergyman Sleeps With His Married Daughter, See his Reason

by Anjorin Dare

Prophet Walter Masocha of the Agape for all Nations Church, United Kingdom has been forced to resign from his role as leader of the church for sleeping with his married daughter.

According to reports, the clergyman was exposed after his son-in-law allegedly discovered explicit messages and nude pictures that his wife had been allegedly sending to her own father.

He then took this incriminating evidence to his mother-in-law, Judith.

Judith is reported to have confronted the “Man of God” who confessed to having the taboo relationship. Judith is now reported to be divorcing Masocha.

In a statement, one of the leaders of the church, Francis Aturia said that Prophet Walter Masocha was stepping down due to a “serious moral fall”.

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Read the full statement below;

“Sadly, as a result, we would like to inform you all that Dr.Walter Masocha has with immediate effect taken leave of absence in order to deal with a serious moral fall which he has informed his family, the Board of Trustees and the Commissioners.

He is broken hearted and distraught at the result of the misdemeanors and feels that he is not fit to continue as Spiritual Leader of Agape. This has come as a significant shock and blow to Dr. Judith and the family, and no doubt to many Agape children and other people worldwide. A full investigation will be conducted in due time, and the appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken.

Many on hearing this will be deeply shocked and disturbed by such a disappointing revelation. We implore you to remember most especially, his gracious wife, Dr. Judith and consider a Christ-like response to all who are involved at every level of the church family.

We would like to kindly ask you to remember him and his family in your prayers. In view of the fact that he is on leave from his official role, we would like to ask you all at this time to avoid contacting him. We also urge you to avoid contacting Dr. Judith and the family in respect of their privacy at this difficult time.

At this time, we encourage prayer fuelled with loving action to support one another and keep our focus on our Lord Jesus Christ who by His Holy Spirit is the only one that will enable the current tragedy to be worked out ultimately for His own glory somehow, sometime.”


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