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Possible fuel hike in the country as Christmas approaches

by Family Center
Possible fuel hike in the country as Christmas approaches -dailyfamily.ng

The queue this morning at different fuel stations in Lagos is quite alarming and has led us to take a good look at what could possibly be the cause of this unexpected, impending scarcity.

The queue today at MRS and Blueshore fuel station (both in Ikeja) has caused Nigerians to ask, why there should be a growing sign of fuel scarcity, now that it is just some few days to Christmas celebration.

At Blueshore fuel station located at Awolowo way, Ikeja the cars and buses pulled up in their great number, but some wouldn’t be allowed access into the premises of the fuel station as the management purportedly is doing all it can to sell at a price higher than the usual N145/Liter.

One Samuel Adedigba, a staff with an NGO in Balogun area of Awolowo way told DAILYFAMILY exclusively that he bought 20 litres of petrol at N180 naira with the payment of an additional N200 naira which was the money for his Keg.

He further revealed to us that the money collected for the keg was collected to tip some men at the top.

You will recall that the fuel price has always been at the rate, N145/Liter but now sells between 150 and N180, N200 respectively.

While we made further inquiry into the cause of this impending hike, a staff with Blueshore fuel station who wouldn’t want to be mentioned reveals that the impending hike is what has led to the partial closure of the fuel station’s gate. He further noted that, “tomorrow’s sales will be tough than what we are seeing now”.

He cleared that the fuel scarcity, panic mode is what is causing the fear experienced now.

However he noted that President Mohammadu Buhari is trying all he can to stop this from happening but most marketers and stakeholders are not pleased with situations of things and that they make more money through scarcity period sales such that is being experienced now.

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