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Posting photo of food may be good for your diet

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Posting photo of food may be good for your diet
In an increasingly technological world, it is not difficult to come across pictures of food on social networks. There are people who make a point of taking pictures of their meals and sharing it with their friends every day.

Based on this new habit, an American university has published results in a recent study that show that by posting photos of your food daily, you feel more encouraged to stay on the diet and better control everything you eat.

Unlike those who post photos of food only on special occasions, the habit of doing this every day can be helpful for you to achieve your goals of weight loss, weight management and healthy living.

It can be quite annoying for some of your friends to come across your photos of assorted dishes every day but if it is something that will help you reach a certain goal it does not cost anything to let them take a little peek at what you are eating.

Help from friends
The study also pointed out that by showing everything they eat, through the published photos, people get more support from friends and family, which can make the goal easier to achieve.

Visual control
If you want to do the same experiment to identify your habits, post photos of everything you eat, from breakfast to your last tea before going to bed at night. Do not forget to also record all your snacks during the day, chocolates, fruit, soft drinks and even those bullets that appear to be so harmless.

Post everything on your social network. Do this experiment for a few days in a row, as you go through the days you will be able to identify everything you are eating beyond your due quota.

Your visual control from then on will help you a lot the moment you feel tempted to eat something out of time.

Social network
The American university study also reports that the best place to start this journey is through the Instagram application, since other social networks allow a greater number of accounts per user.

Over time, your visual control and support from friends and family will make you take control of your food and opt for something healthier and consequently less caloric.

Do the test!

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