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Pre-Pregnancy Checklist: 8 Things You Need to Do Before Getting Pregnant

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Pre-Pregnancy Checklist: 8 Things You Need to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Some habits should be avoided in the pre-pregnancy period if you want a healthy pregnancy. We have done a pre-pregnancy checklist that is ideal for you who want to take care of yourself. Check it!

1. Move around
It is important to choose your baby’s name and paint the room, but your pre-pregnancy should come accompanied by a preparation of your body to receive your little bundle of joy soon.

Getting in shape ahead of time can make pregnancy and childbirth easier. Exercise every day for about 30 minutes. Walking, biking and swimming are great choices.

2. Feed properly
Your pre-pregnancy checklist also involves a balanced diet. Soon, you will feel strange desires in the middle of the night, so for now, focus on a good diet.

You will need plenty of protein, calcium, folic acid and iron. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains. Cut the chips, soda, and other foods of low nutritional value.

Ask your partner to accompany you to make everything easier.

3. Know that folic acid is your great friend
In pre-pregnancy, folic acid helps prevent serious birth defects.

You find this vitamin B in a variety of foods like green leaves, beans, and citrus fruits, but it is likely that your doctor will also prescribe some medicine so that you get enough folic acid in the pre-pregnancy period.

4. Do a checkup
A pre-pregnancy checkup is very important to ensure your baby’s health as well. You can ask your doctor, for example:

What vaccines do you need?

What prenatal vitamins will be needed?

How to control or eliminate any health problems you have?

What medications you may or may not take during pregnancy?

5. Consult your dentist
If you are the type of person who does not go to the dentist regularly, a good time to do this is in pre-pregnancy. It is good not only for your smile, but for your baby as well.

Pregnancy significantly increases the chances of gum disease, a health problem that can also lead to preterm labor.

6. Reduce caffeine intake
Some experts suggest that you do not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day in the pre-pregnancy period and even during gestation.

7. Stop Smoking
Among its other drawbacks, smoking can make it harder for you to get pregnant.

In addition, smoking during pregnancy can increase the risks of problems such as low birth weight, premature birth and even miscarriage. Smoking also puts your baby at risk for sudden infant death syndrome.

8. Stop drinking
Drinking during pregnancy (and shortly before it too, in the pre-pregnancy period) increases the chances of congenital problems and learning problems. Alcohol can sometimes make birth more difficult as well.

Do not panic if you notice that you took one thing or another before getting pregnant. However, as doctors do not yet know how much alcohol can cause problems, stay on the safe side and avoid drinking alcohol.

Now that you have a good checklist from Dailyfamily, i am so sure that you will indeed be able to keep fit and also know what to do and what not to do concerning your health of that of your wives health when she is pregnant.

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