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How To Prepare For Wedding Without Running ‘MAD’

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How To Prepare For Wedding Without Running ‘MAD’

Bisi Oludare

It will not be wrong to say it is the season of weddings as many lovebirds are seen walking down the aisle and others are still in line preparing for their day. How To Prepare For Wedding Without Running ‘MAD’

As beautiful as this is and it won’t be wrong to say Congratulations but the concern here is how some of these people lose it all during the period of preparation.

Preparing for a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful if you know how to go about it.

This article is actually meant to answer how to prepare for wedding without running ‘mad’

Pick a very suitable date. When we are saying a suitable date, let it be a date that is agreed on by a good percentage of the family but bear in mind that you don’t have to please everybody. This will help you to work within a good scheduled time and you will be able to get what you need.

Start doing your purchase early, there are some things in the bride lists that are constant and everybody knows it will be in yours, get them and keep them somewhere.

Let this one stick to your brain, Aso-ebi is not a must. It is true that your friends will ask for it because many people see it as one great aspect of a wedding ceremony but if you didn’t plan to have don’t force it because people are asking. Just be polite in telling them there is none and appreciate their interest. Even if you go ahead to please them, some will still owe and you will not be able to do anything about it. It also becomes an extra unplanned load you have to carry.

Get people that will be of help involved especially your friends. It could be people that have gotten married or your single friends that are better than you in going to the market or planning events.

If you can afford it or you know it is part of your budget, get a good event planner who will work with you in getting good hands that will do all the things needed for a successful event.

Don’t let anybody force you to what you don’t have the intention of doing. This is very important when you are about getting married especially ladies you tend to get people bringing different suggestions and expecting you to abide by all. Know what you want and go for it.

Inform your bridal trains on time if you are planning to use. Let them know what it entails and things they will need to do as your train.

Get your wedding gown, suit, and other needed accessories on time. Test them on and be sure they fit perfectly. Get them arranged in your box weeks to the wedding day in the order of their need so that you don’t miss out on anything. Set for your honeymoon too if you will be leaving from the reception venue.
Get a book and tick as you get them done

Never borrow for your wedding; that is what you will use your marriage to settle.

Above all, don’t compete nor envy anybody to your own detriment. Do what you need to do within your budget, don’t spend outside your budget or banking on people that will give you money at the end. Use what you have, plan for it and spend wisely. You are not pleasing anybody and believe me nobody is oppressed. After that day, people will forget how the event looked like and you will be left to pay the debt if you have incurred any.

The truth is prior proper preparation indeed prevents poor performance and the performance is the outcome on the d-day. Work with your fiancé/fiancée as you plan together.

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