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“Preparing for marriage goes beyond buying clothes, wedding gowns” – Newly wed Couple

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“Preparing for marriage goes beyond buying clothes, wedding gowns” – Newly wed Couple -dailyfamily.ng


Abiodun Nathaniel Ajani and Dorcas Taiwo Ajani (nee Ojo) experience one of the happiest day in their life on Thursday, November 9, 2017, when the duo walked the aisle to say their marital vow and eventually were joined together in holy matrimony. Just on the day of their wedding ceremony, DAILYFAMILY had an exclusive interview with them and here is their experience before and after these two lovebirds got engaged to each other.


Can we meet you, sir?

Husband: My name is Abiodun Ifeoluwa Ajani


Can we meet you too ma?

Wife: My name is Taiwo Dorcas Ajani


What has been the challenge so far while you were a single man before you were engaged to your bride who has become your wife today?


Husband: Waoh. The challenge as a single man? There has been series of temptations from here and there. You know as a single man immediately when you find out that you are mature, you are full grown man but you are still single, the challenge is more from the opposite sex, you find yourself in a situation whereby you find out that you have more of female friends and you don’t know how to choose.


So, to you Mrs Ajani, what has been the challenge so far before you met your destined man?

Wife: The challenge so far has been meeting the right person. Because, as we know in this age we have more of boys than men so that has been the challenge.


Have you ever been confused when it comes to the issue of choosing a life partner?

Husband: Yes, I have found myself in that situation before, but I thank God because today, it is a testimony. You know when you don’t allow God, you will be confused. You will find out that you date a girl today you date another one tomorrow and like that till Jesus comes. That is when you don’t involve God. There were times I wanted to do it by myself then I will say I was confused but I thank God that he took the glory today.


You know we asked about challenges the other time, but then as a single man before now, what has been the sexual intimidation for you?

Husband: It happens to every young man that you wake up every morning when you find out that you are now mature. That is just the normal thing that will happen. Sometimes you wake up and feel like, I wish like I am married now. So, it happens to every young man, you know. And there were times I face temptation from some friends, get a girlfriend and stuff like that. So, you know what is happening in our world today. Some guys will get a girlfriend and before you know it their aim is to fulfil their sexual desire.


Relating to the question I asked your husband earlier about sexual advances from the opposite sex, what has been your experience?

Wife: There have been several advances from the opposite sex after we met, but one thing is determination. When you have determined that this is the person I want to be with, with God helping you I think there is nothing that is not achievable. Another thing is mindset. When you have a mindset that this is what I want, this is what I don’t want, no matter the advances you are getting from the opposite sex or no matter the temptations, I think with your mindset you should be able to overcome no matter the challenges that come.


If we ask you this sir, what does marriage preparation mean to you?

Husband: Preparing for marriage goes beyond buying clothes, checking magazines, going online to shop for wedding gowns, suit blazers and all that. But the most important thing is to allow God in your preparation, seek counsel from God, asking Him when are we doing this, when are we doing that follow God, follow His footstep and apart from that, you also prepare yourself by reading books, going to seminars pray and these are spiritual preparations.


So Mr Ajani, can you please be specific about the preparations you and your wife made before now.

Husband: Concerning the preparation, we took the spiritual preparation more important than the physical preparation. Of course, the physical preparation is buying all the fabric you need like buying wedding gown and suit, choosing the colour for the day and choosing the one that will best you and all that. But we took the spiritual preparation higher than the physical preparation because it is the spiritual that controls the physical.


I spoke with your husband minutes ago about marriage preparation. To you what does it really means?

Wife: It goes beyond the physical preparation. Number one I think you have to be prepared spiritually, physically, mentally and psychologically.


Can you state specifically the spiritual preparation you made?


Husband: The spiritual preparation that we made, we have started a long time ago and that was learning. The place of learning cannot be overemphasized; the place of learning is very important.  If you don’t have a knowledge of what you are venturing into you might mess up the whole thing at the end of the day.

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How have you been able to prepare your mind for days ahead of you?

Wife: I will say, one cannot say I can do all these things, all by myself, I believe with God on one’s side one can do all things. No matter how prepared you are, if you don’t have God by your side, you will definitely fail. Like this saying that says when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

So there has been a lot of planning that has been going on that I might not be able to disclose right now.


For the benefit of our readers can you state that institute or that school you learnt from?

Husband: Yes to the glory of God we happen to be member of a family ministry which is called Family Booster Ministry and the ministry has a school of marriage that is called the College of Marital Success. That was the school that we attended and where we learnt what marriage entails. Here we are today, it is not just about going into marriage, I want to wed because I am over-aged that is not the issue but we learnt about what marriage entails.


So how happy are you today?

Husband: Ha, I am very happy

There is this song that says “joy overflow”

Joy overflows in my heart, sing a new song to the Lord…

Joy overflows in my heart because the Lord has done it. He has perfected today.


So what is your advice to unmarried singles, or engaged singles out there?

Husband: My advice to singles, the unmarried is that they should put God first and allow God to choose for them, most singles in this present world still believes God cannot choose for you it is you that would choose. God is still in the business of giving people their life partners.

So allow God, put God first, be born again, read his words and everything will work together for your good.


What is your advice for single ladies out there before marriage?

Wife: My advice to them is that God’s time is the best. If you wait and not rush into any courtship or relationship, with God by your side, everything will be successful.

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