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-Austin Eromosele

Long before the exalted shows of shame known as BBnaija by the media came to an end with Efe, the Warri boy becoming the winner; there had been an outcry, an upheaval precipitated by the death of morality in Nigeria.

The most worrisome were the adulation, the way, and manner in which people watch and laughed at morality being killed on the altar of shame.

The shows came with lots of scandals and scandalous moment; filled with lots of kissing, blow jobs, near rape and much more. It was filmed live to viewers across Africa and was constantly being attacked when the housemates kissed and groped each other during their infamous “kissing game” and truth or dare sessions.

Lots of Godly parents and older generations were disgusted, for the immoral acts been display for all to see, encouraging youth to go on into the deep immoral act, at some point a petition was circulated on social media demanding that the show be stopped.

On their own, many younger generations hails the program, defending the organizers of the show as they said the channel where it was aired needs to be subscribed to and was not free-to- air. It was even more shameful and debasing when it came to the viewers’ knowledge that some of the ladies in the house in bbnaija had children or was once married, debasing motherhood and glorifying infidelity, single marriage and much more in eyes of the society.

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Most notable men in the country who still have a sense of value for the nation and our younger generation had decried the program calling it ‘BBA nonsense’, ‘celebration of senseless consumerism and misdirection gets’, saying our nation is being destroyed by international extractors.

One of those fellows is Seun Kuti, son of late afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo, who shared his honest view on the just concluded contentious Big Brother Naija reality TV show.


He shared his view a few days ago on his Facebook page. He wrote: I believe that the fact someone from the Niger Delta won the BBA nonsense is very accurate. I mean what other region has been destroyed by international extractors more” While the majority jubilate when one of them is given peanuts in corrupt returns for their suffering, someone has won but the nation stays losing! Another big L for Nigeria and I don’t mean the late talent.

“When big brothers celebration of senseless consumerism and misdirection gets more young people voting than our national elections and candidates, we just need to raise better people, shikena!! I mean I thought we Fela kids were the ‘no do wells’ and the uncouth! How come we care so much?

Another prominent Nigerian Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion bawls out on bbnaija.

Gospel Filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye, in two separate Facebook  posts, grieved that the show glorified and glamorised immorality.

The President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries added that he hopes some pastors won’t begin to make reference of the winner as a product of grace.

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“BBN painfully still on My Mind, What does this teach our youths now? Glamorising and glorifying immorality before the camera of the world can fetch you millions and make you a celebrity overnight? I hope some pastors will not begin to make reference to this as a work of God’s grace” he said

He further stated on yet another post:

“I saw the Final Moment of the BBN, they kissed. They romanced before the cameras of

Africa and they were honoured and glorified. At times, the glories of this world make the children of the kingdom stupid. I hope some kingdom children will not begin to envy these types of worldly glories”


His statement on the social media, generated more issues as people have divergent views, Akinsulure Tosin reacted thus:

“I m very disappointed with some comments here, some people pretend as if what they have in secret is not worse than what we saw at BBnaija… u didn’t watch, but you know Efe, Bisola etc… don’t let us fool ourselves, 67% of people who comment here watched it…. now u condemning it, but none have ever condemn d Political system of the country, but many will walk into the government house to pray for thieves called politicians…”

Temitope Akobe added

“We cannot be Ignorant of the devices of the devil.. It is another way of capturing the heart of our young people. God please save us”


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