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Renowned Author declares herself vacant for marriage, gives conditions to applicants

by O. S David

Renowned Lawyer declare herself vacant for marriage, gives conditions for applicant

-Austin Eromosele 

Amid the bubbling and love provoking sounds spreading across the country in the celebrity

circle, a renowned Nigerian author and lawyer, Chidera Okolie, has set another drama

declaring herself vacant and open on social media in an advertorial manner.

She’d asked potential suitors to contact her through direct message on Instagram and as such

went further to give 10 stringent and rather hilarious conditions to be met before


Below is the message:


Good morning

The DM is now open for applications!

However the following should be noted.

1. Certain greetings like “Hi baby”, “Good morning my angel” “Hi love” has never been,

and will never be responded to. For the singular reason we are not acquainted (not yet)

2. Please do not bother applying if your handle is, or similar to any of these



3. Also, avoid me if the first picture I’ll see on your page is a shirtless six packs (I’ll drool but

that’s it…nothing personal) or a stack of money or gold chains.

4. Go straight to the point…don’t use my publications as a reference point. “Hi, my name is

Obinna Kunle Musa. Can I know you better?”

“I would like to get your book and your number to stay in touch for updates” ( crook).

5. All denominations and tribes are welcome. (Foreign nationals included)

6. Do not abbreviate like a college kid.

“Hi, my name z John. Pliz snd ur numba. I’ll lyk 2 stay in touch” is a no no!!!!

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“Hi, my name is John. Please send your number. I’ll like to stay in touch”

7. I speak my dialect fluently. Don’t be afraid to “famz” me in igbo language if you can

8. A humorous, artistic, sarcastic or witty individual will stand a greater chance.. (But if you

are not….pleaseeeeeee…don’t try)

9. Please keep whatever your pastor said to you to yourself. God is yet to speak to me about


10. Finally, keep it simple…or you’ll lose me at “hello”.


Thank you


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