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Read What Happens When Your Child Sleeps Early

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Read What Happens When Your Child Sleeps Early
You must have heard the famous phrase that a child needs to go to bed early in order to wake early?

It is part of popular culture and encompasses a great scientific truth. Child needs to go early to bed yes! Recent studies points out that a child who sleeps early has a lower chance of suffering from obesity in the future.

The ideal time indicated, according to the survey, for children to close their activity day is until midnight. Children of the same age group who went to bed only an hour later than the research proposal, in their teens, were responsible for increasing the rate of obesity compared to those who followed the recommended time.

Obesity is a disease that has reached millions of people around the world and its emergence greatly increases the risk of the onset of other diseases, including in children.

To avoid this, the ideal is to create a routine for the little ones, from an early age, to become accustomed to it.

Begin the preparations so they can fall asleep late in the afternoon.

Offer the evening meal earlier so they can lie down in time to digest.

A good warm bath before going to bed can be a way to encourage them to become more cozy and ready to sleep.

Take care of the house lights. Try to create a supportive environment as soon as the evening begins.

Cute and appropriate pajamas are the gimmick for kids to be interested in going to bed early.

If they have not been accustomed since they were very small, it may be necessary to leave a weak light to illuminate the room.

Their presence can also be critical until they finally fall asleep. Take the time to do this.
Make sure the bedding matches the temperature of the day to provide the warmth needed for a good night’s sleep.

Some children have a habit of drinking milk before going to bed, in which case they prefer warm milk to help them fall asleep.

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