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I am so much perplexed by what is going on among youths of our time all in the name of fashion. I am rather more dumbfounded by the Christians who are copying this present trend of fashion. Call me old-fashioned, I will agree rather than succumb to this present day madness called fashion.

My dear ladies, let’s talk heart to heart. I really need to know because I don’t understand. Seriously, why do we think we need to go naked to be attractive? I need someone to help me out with the answer. I have thought of what could be the possible reason for this madness, but all that comes to my mind is low self-esteem. If you really think you have to go half-naked to attract attention, then that already tells me you have nothing on the inside.

Always remember this: There is a great difference between being attractive and seductive. Being attractive is not always just about what you wear. Don’t get me wrong; I am a big fan of looking good. I believe in dressing nicely and looking attractive too, but I totally disagree with going half-naked. That is not being attractive but seductive. I am a strong believer in the old saying, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.”

So, if you dress like a prostitute, don’t be angry if they call you one or treat you as such. If you dress as a cleaner or a destitute, that is exactly the way you will be treated. Wondering why you get the kind of treatment you get from people? Then watch the way you dress.

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I interviewed some group of guys and ladies too on this topic. What got me shocked was the response from the guys. I asked them what they thought about the ladies who dressed half-naked and 98% of them gave me similar responses. They told me such ladies are good looking, good to hang out with, and good for parties, one night stand, dates, shows, etc.  “But if I want a lady I will have anything serious with, or if I need a wife, I know where to go. Definitely, I cannot consider a woman who has made her body a public show for anything serious,” they concluded.

Having said that, never place your whole value as a human being on just your looks alone. You are a person. You are a spirit, having a soul which lives in a body. That body is just a house that the real you lives in. So, spend time to develop yourself and build yourself up to be attractive first on the inside. That is where true attractiveness and beauty lies. Nothing is more disappointing than meeting a beautiful face with an empty brain.

Now, this is for both males and females. Have you ever met someone who looks good yet when they open their mouth, you want to hide your face or let the earth open so you can hide??? LOL!!! You will never understand until you meet one. Let your true beauty come from the inside out. By so doing, you can command the respect you need. Note this: irrespective of how you look, you can never live better than what you know.

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My dear ladies, you are very valuable, precious, and a treasure to be desired. You are the best of your kind. The world has not seen anything like you yet. Don’t treat yourself like a piece of trash just because you want to be accepted by people or be noticed. You are more than that. You can do better than that.
Dress decently. Look good. Be attractive and neat. Let modesty be your keyword.

I so love you all. Let’s be pacesetters and not followers of wrong values. Let’s leave good examples for the next generation. Be the number one role model your kids can model after in a world of decadence. Be the light that shines through darkness. Be a good example to all. Be a good and decent woman; proudly a godly woman to the core. I love God. Yes I do and I’m not ashamed to say that. Let’s make our world a better place!!!

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