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Reason For A Faulty Relationship

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Reason For A Faulty Relationship

Reason For A Faulty Relationship
A bad night can bring much more trouble than indisposition and lack of concentration the next day. Over time people who sleep poorly hurt their relationships. This is what a study from the University of California in the United States of America reported.

People who sleep poorly or sleep poorly and become irritable. They can barely say a thank you to anyone. Selfish attitudes such as these affect the relationship and can make the partner feel despised and resentful of the other’s attitudes. And then everything can get complicated.

As the person who has the affected sleep does not have the strength to even be nice, improving the relationship ends up being far from being considered. Your body asks for more rest and will insist for this to occur, letting the moodiness and lack of concentration become constant.

Accomplished with more than 60 couples of varying ages, ages 18-56, people should note their reactions the following day to the nightfall or restful sleep and how that affected their marital relationship. The result was clear, those who sleep poorly or have poor sleep do not value their partner as much as those who sleep enough.

The lack of an ideal sleep affects in other areas bringing difficulties such as:

The body’s ability to burn calories
That hunger in the night that forces the person to make a snack and that if he were sleeping he would not do it, it is accompanied by the body’s lower ability to burn the calories. Double that will change the weight and will not be positive.

Diseases such as aggressive breast cancer
Studies have shown that postmenopausal women who sleep less than 6 hours a day are more likely than others to develop breast cancer in the most aggressive form of the disease.

Brain diseases
The risk of stroke is increased for people who sleep less than 6 hours even with no history of cardiovascular disease, according to a study by the Sleep Society in the United States.

Failure to reduce intake from fatty foods
To compensate for sleep the body asks for fatty foods, which brings feelings of satisfaction, despite the lack of proper sleep.

Sexual impotence
This problem was related to inadequate sleep by Unifesp which also warned against obesity and a greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

One study has shown that young people who sleep less than 7 hours a day have a higher BMI than others who sleep properly.

Much can be understood through this vision, as the difficulty that couples encounter when they have just had a child. As sleep becomes complicated, your relationship can be affected as well. Talking and understanding that the phase of little sleep should pass soon may help the couple to wait a bit and resume normal life, getting enough sleep when the baby already gets it.

Although work or study sometimes requires a few more hours to be taken from rest, wisdom calls for brief moments. People who get used to sleeping very seldom can be realized in their relationships by the facts that the study presented.

Often this is unknown and may bring doubts about your personality of the person, but it is only a need for the body to rest enough.

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