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Research reveals the benefits of massaging Your Spouse

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Research reveals the benefits of massaging Your Spouse -dailyfamily.ng

Research reveals the benefits of massaging Your Spouse
Who does not like to receive a delicious massage? At the end of the day, when all our activities close and we feel tired and full of tension pains, a massage is restorative, especially when done by someone we love. Besides relaxing, we can feel all the warmth that this moment deserves.

Well, recent research from the University of Northumbria, UK, has evaluated the good that a couples massage does on both. And they came to the conclusion that if both of you know the least about this technique the benefits in the body and in the relationship of the couple improves, a lot.

To reach this conclusion, the research involved nineteen couples. Over a period of three weeks, they all underwent a short course to learn the basics of massage techniques.

Every time they went to the course they filled out a brief questionnaire that assessed their physical well-being, satisfaction in their relationships, stress level, and how they were dealing with the couple’s problems. At the end of the classes, the questionnaire was filled out again.

What was curiously perceived by the researchers is that research showed improvements in all items after the time spent together learning the techniques of massage, especially the question about how they faced problems and satisfaction in their relationship.

The levels of well-being were also much better, in addition to that, all items remained that way for a few weeks even after the end of the course.

Another curiosity of the research is that the massages were not only good for those who received them, the spouse who did the massage also had increased values in their answers.

So, taking the time to relax with each other with simple massage techniques is something to think about and put on the list of things to learn.

There are several different techniques you can learn:

1. Reflexology
It is a technique that massages the feet, involves ankles, soles of the feet, joints and back. It’s quite relaxing.

2. Swedish
It is basically made with kneading and sliding in order to stimulate the musculature.

3. Shiatsu
It is one of the best known, brought from Japan. It consists of the pressure of more than sixty points by the body with the hands.

4. Hot rocks
After a brief touch on specific points of the body the therapist puts on them hot stones that aim at a deep relaxation.

Apart from these, there are several other massage techniques. Along with your spouse, find the one you like best, spend some time learning about it and doing each other. The benefits have already been proven!

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