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Research shows how to have better dreams

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Research shows how to have better dreams
Some people simply remember everything they dreamed while they slept and still manage, lucidly as they sleep, to direct their dreams to where they want. Have you tried it?

According to sleep scholars, so-called lucid dreaming brings benefits to our waking state, that is, when we are really awake, because they allow us to use our creativity to direct what we dream, as well as to improve the quality of sleep by doing with which we are more willing to wake up.

That sleep is fundamental for our health everyone knows, but the purpose of dreaming is still a reason for much study. During the sleep period our body, besides relaxing, makes the selection of our memories, discarding those that do not have more importance. It is during the dream period that our brain tries to solve the difficulties we try to solve during the day.

The period we dream of when we sleep is actually very small, if on the one hand studies claim that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we spend only a few minutes per night dreaming.

According to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, our unconscious manifests through dreams, so it is common to have nightmares with something that we are afraid or afraid of. He also argues that our repressed desires arise in our dreams, since they are stored in the basement of our mind.

The lucid dream emerged as a technique to precisely reduce nightmares and improve overall creativity. In this kind of dream, you know you are dreaming because you are in a conscious state. A specialized Australian team developed a protocol to teach how to arrive at this state of lucid dreaming, with one hundred and sixty nine employees beginning two weeks of study, although they came to the conclusion that the research period was short for the study in general , have managed to determine some advantages among those people who have managed to dream lucidly.

Reality testing, inducing lucid dreaming and waking up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep are some of the tried-and-tested techniques for beginning studies and teaching people how to become aware while they dream.

Because it is a technique that is still scientifically in check, there is much to develop and learn about it. Study all the pros and cons of inducing this kind of dream before it is fully disclosed.

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