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Rev Funke Adejumo makes intense pronouncement on kidnappers

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Reverend Funke Felix Adejumo on Saturday declared war on kidnappers making mothers cry during a massive gathering at Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos Island during her annual event, Women on the winning edge.

The wife of Agape Ministries Incorporated founder, Bishop Felix Adejumo made some thundering pronouncement on all those making mothers cry while praying for mothers at her annual event.

Adejumo who wouldn’t hold back to herself as she released those thundering words while praying for mothers and the country said it shall not be well with kidnappers in the nation.

“Everyone making mothers to cry, may the fire of the Holy ghost burn you”.

“May God make your mothers too to become childless”

Speaking about some plans to islamize Nigeria, she vehemently echoed twice.

“Nigeria is not an Islamic nation, no, no Nigeria is not an Islamic nation. For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Nobody will be able to sell the soul of Nigeria to Islam in the name of Jesus”. She continued.

“Hear me I am not a coward, where I stop, you will continue. God is raising a vanguard of women”.

she also added.

“We have kept quite enough”.

Reverend Adejumo having said this, also informed the gathering that women are rising up to fight for Nigeria.

“And in the name of Jesus we shall reign.

Towards the end of her vehement pronuncement she then announced that all attendees should endeavour to get their voters card, just as she have hers with this she said, the country will vote out leaders that they don’t want.

For all the pronuncement she made, the gathered multitude wouldn’t hesitate to make resounding amen.

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