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Robber tries to sell stolen phone to his victim’s wife

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Robber tries to sell stolen phone to his victim's wife

The robber is apprehended as he tries to sell stolen phone to his victim’s wife.

After being apprehended while attempting to sell the phone he had stolen from a bartender named Jones Adewoye to his wife at their home in the state’s Ajah district.

The robber by the name of Felix Ayeye was arraigned before a Lagos High Court sitting at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos State.

Ayeye and his gang members robbed Adewoye while he was on his way home in a seedy area.

As the first witness for the prosecution, the bartender testified before Justice Modupe Nico-Clay that the thugs led by Ayeye reportedly beat him with a dagger and stole his phone and other belongings worth N78,000 from him.

He confirmed that Ayeye, who is charged with two counts that border on robbery conspiracy and armed robbery, was apprehended while attempting to sell Adewoye’s wife the stolen phone.

Adewoye also informed the court that his wife had received threatening texts from Ayeye, who had been placed in detention for the crime.

Robber tries to sell stolen phone to his victim's wife
Robber tries to sell stolen phone to his victim’s wife

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He said; 

“The incident happened in February 2019. I was returning from work around 5.30am when I alighted from the Uber car and crossed to a dark street at Ajah. My earphones were on and my bag was at my back.

“Suddenly, a torchlight was pointed at my eyes and the defendant broke a bottle on my head, used a dagger to stab my back twice, took all my things and left me on the floor bleeding.

“When I got home, I told my wife to help me get a small phone to contact my company.  She was trying to help me buy a small phone when she returned to inform me that someone wants to sell a Samsung phone for N25,000.

 “When the person who wanted to sell the phone to my wife came to my house, he didn’t change his clothes after he and his gang robbed me. So, I told the mobile policeman that he was the one that robbed me but he denied.

“He said someone gave him the phone to sell. The policeman asked him to get the person who gave him the phone but as the argument was going on, my SIM and memory cards fell from his pocket.

“His family members pleaded with me and asked how much was the things he stole from me, I said N200,000. The family brought N60,000 but I rejected it. I told them the matter was already with the police and there was nothing I could do.

“But in 2020, the defendant started sending messages to my wife from prison threatening that when he leaves the prison, he would deal with my wife.”

The prosecuting counsel, Titilayo Olanrewaju-Daudu, said the offence committed contravened Sections 299 and 297 (2) (b) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2015.

The accused has already entered a not-guilty plea to the accusation. The matter was continued in court on November 30 after Justice Nico-Clay listened to the testimony at the resumed hearing.

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