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‘You aren’t Running out of Time, Until You’re Off the Track’-Samuel Dare

by Anjorin Dare

Samuel Dare is the Founder and President of House of Excel, a passionate Visioneer who has a penchant for developing Kingdom Heroes by helping to discover, develop and promote youths in God’s kingdom.

Samuel Dare

Samuel Dare

House Of Excel is a Kingdom based ministry and her vision is to establish God’s Kingdom with whichever tools, skills, devices or talents any youth may possess. Her mission is to raise Kingdom Heroes like singers, writers, drummers, actors and any talent at all that glorifies the Kingdom of God. The ministry celebrated her sixth year in ministry with the launch of a new Gospel Collection in Mushin area of Lagos.

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Samuel Dare is also a writer. He has written more than 5 books, the latest which he titles “Sixty Second, Sixty Moves” He wrote the book through the leading of God to educate generations on proper time management.

Speaking with each artiste that made the collection, they all appreciated God and House of Excel for the platform they gave to them.

Josh Kashim

Josh Kashim

In the words of Josh Kashim, he said “I really want to appreciate them for what they are doing because I believe they are led by the spirit of God because there are so many artistes who are into, gospel music that are not known but in what they’re doing, it is a kind of projecting the upcoming ones for the whole world to know and if the lord is on your own side too, before you know it, they’ll start hearing your name Buchi and Frank Edward and others too and its a good thing to happen in someone’s life.”

Akindele Abigael

Akindele Abigael

Akindele Abigael who described Samuel Dare as a mentor and a role model said House of Excel is just the display of God’s given talents and skills stressing that she feels so glad to be an associate.



Teezion described House of Excel as a home of achievement, a house that focuses on those who think they are nothing stressing that they develop those who have talent in them, not only in music but in drama, musical instrument and other areas.


Mary Okunade

Mary Okunade

Mary Okunade in her testimony about House of Excel said the ministry helped her to discover herself and developed her on music composition. “I joined them the first year, and before I joined them I don’t know how to compose, so they developed me on how to compose and in some areas. I also play Guitar and they trained me on this too.

Dickson Praise

Dickson Praise

In the words of another artiste Dickson Praise who is a collaborating partner and a leader of Dickson Praise and the Freedom Minstrels Band, he said “When the President(House of Excel) walked up to me and told me of his plans. It was cool with me and I saw that we could work with the plan and the vision of House of Excel. To me, it is a good vision to walk with”

Comfort Lizzy

Comfort Lizzy

Comfort Lizzy who disclosed that she has been with the ministry right from the first year sees the ministry as a multifaceted talent house that is based on different categories; Music, Drama, Instrument, Writing, Sports activities, and so many others.

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In an interview with Dailyfamily.ng the president of the Ministry, through his book said that proper time management will make you look back after 50 or 60 years of age and have something tangible to boast of.

What inspired you to write this book

God told me I should educate the young generation about proper time management, so I started writing a book on that and this has been on my mind for over four years now. But by God’s grace, I have been able to produce it this year. I Call It “Sixty Seconds, Sixty Moves”. That is, you have to be time conscious and value your time so that the young generation can value their time, utilize it, maximize it and make sure that at the age of 50 or 60, you can look back and thank God that you have something tangible to show for it. So, I got my inspiration from God.


Is this your First Publication?

No, it is my 5th one.

How do you intend to distribute the book?

Actually, I have to work with some Publishers to distribute it. Nevertheless, my contact is therefore for you to book as many as possible. But today, I am giving a copy of The book out freely to anyone that comes today.

Tell us about the Album you are launching alongside the Book launching today?

The Album is a collection of  Singles from different Gospel Artistes. This is the Sixth edition of it, and it is a product of House of Excel.

Tell us about House of Excel and what inspired it?

House Of Excel is a Kingdom based ministry that helps to discover, develop and promote youths in God’s kingdom. God called me and said that he really wants the young generation to develop their skills, not in the way of the world. Because, when they discover it, nobody is helping them to channel it to the right path.

As I was growing up, God said, as this generation is discovering their talents, I want you to help them to channel it to the glory of God and the kingdom goals. That was when I started working on that. I had to learn how to play instruments, learn music so that I can also be among and also help them in that area. And from then, I went to different churches to encourage youths, so that, they don’t use their talents outside the kingdom of God.

We would like you to shed more light on how you get these prospective heroes.

We started a summit called “Fulfilling The Saying”, we invite people, we go to churches and write letters to these youths, inviting them for the summit. When they come, we give them fliers that contain all that we will be doing, as a ministry. Then, we tell them if they are interested, they can get a form and join us.

How did you get these Artistes to come together to make an Album?

We broadcast our features on different social media platforms. We also share Fliers, telling

prospective that if they have Singles they want to produce, they could come and even get them promoted. And they started coming.

Are they part or members of the  Ministry?

Mr Samuel: They are not coming to be part of the ministry, but they have a way of realizing their identity within the ministry and that’s exactly what they go for. We get songs from them, test to be sure its okay and then, promote the songs. It’s not necessary we have to pin them down.

How does the Ministry generate funds?

It has been God, though, we tax ourselves to raise funds. I have some loyal members who believe in me. We also have good men of God, who support us financially.

Is the Ministry a sub-ministry to a Church?

Yes, It is under a Church. It’s Under ‘King Of Kings Evangelical Christian Church’.

Where do you see this Ministry in the next five years?

In the next five years, my vision is to go worldwide. I don’t want this to be limited to Lagos only and I want it to go national and international. We are also working towards shooting and releasing a movie next year.

Whats your most challenging moment since God has given you this Ministry?

Dealing with different kinds of People from different kinds of churches, doctrine based on their ways of doing things, their commitment, their passion and their manner of dealing with the things of God. Secondly, depending on people, even mentor and they let you down. But God has been there so far.

With all these challenges, what has been the motivating factor?

The motivating factor is God.  God said he called me when no one was there with him, I can go as far as I want to go, as far as I have not lost myself and I believe in God, I Can go far.

Can we Say you are an Upcoming Artiste?

I am a Visioneer, I am not an Artiste, I am a Teacher, I write, you can call me a Composer, a Producer. I work in the Kingdom. You can call me an Actor. So, whatever you are doing, I can help you.

How can your fans and Interested Youth who wish to join the ministry contact you?

They can contact me on any of these numbers; 07065972583, 08089648094 or send a mail to this address: houseofexcelhofex@gmail.com

In one word, what do you have to tell people out there, most especially those with talents and they are looking for opportunities to showcase it?

Like Sam Adeyemi says, start with what you have, whatever God has committed into your hands, work on it, move with faith and doors will open but you have to take a step.

Thanks so much for your time.

You’re welcome.

The President, however, showed his profound gratitude to everyone that made the day a success, and specially thanked the of Founder of King of kings evangelical Christian ministry, Pastor Amos Okunade for his support and prayers.

Pastor Amos Okunade

Pastor Amos Okunade

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