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Secrets Of A Winning Husband…what every man need to know

by Oba Samuel
Secrets Of A Winning Husband...what every man need to know

Secrets Of A Winning Husband…what every man need to know

-By Oba Samuel

Husbands are common but winning husbands is rare. A winning husband is a desire of every woman, a prayer answered to his wife. The source of joy to his children. Marriage will be a better place if all men fall within this group. What are the secrets of a winning husband?

Secrets Of A Winning Husband...what every man need to know

1.Knows His God:

Great husband is a lover of God. He is a true Christian who has left ungodly lifestyles like adultery, lying, drunkenness, ungodly association, wife battering, smoking and drug addiction. He is living a holy life, lover of Bible and the things of God. His relationship with his wife is guided by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. A committed worker in the Lord’s vineyard, not forced to church but attends willingly as a result of his love for God. He is not ashamed to make people know that he is a born-again Christian and he leads his family on the path of righteousness.

2.Know His Purpose:

One hallmark of a winning husband is that he knows his purpose for existence. He didn’t just discover his purpose, he is working on it vigorously. He is very focused and he made the wife, children and everyone knows what he stands for. Because, he focuses on his purpose, he has made a name for his family and he is blessed.

3.Manage his priorities right:

Great husband understands and manage their priorities right. They know that after God is their wife, follow by the children and next is their career. They are not like other men who focus on their job to the detriment of their marriage and family. Set your priority right, you may lose your job but your family will always be there for you.

4. Embrace ‘’We’’ not ‘’Me’’:

Marriage don’t survive on selfishness but on selflessness. Don’t build a ‘’me’’ empire, build ‘’we’’ marriage. It is an inclusive marriage that always have the wife in mind, care for her needs, carry her along and see things as our car, our house, our money, thereby giving the wife sense of belonging.

5. Take charge of His emotion:

Although, there are temptations all around him but he does not allow his erection determine his direction in life. He is faithful to his wife, does not engage in extra-marital affairs.


A real man is a provider for his family. He provides shelter, clothing, food, school fees, school books for his family. He will never permit his family to go hungry or naked, their needs are of the utmost importance to him. He does not leave his responsibilities for his wife to shoulder.

7.Manage His health:

It takes a healthy life to be a husband and a father. So, don’t take your health with levity. Don’t become a burden on your family as a result of a failed or mismanaged health. Avoid late night meals, alcohol, smoking, sugar-coated soft drinks, Cold drinks, red meat, pork meat, sitting for too long on a spot, and extramarital sex. All these will damage your health too soon. Rather, drink warm water, eat natural fruits, smoothies, eat food without MSG, and engage in exercise daily. Manage your health lest it destroys your wealth.

8.Lover and a friend:

Uncommon husband is not just a roommate to his wife but a lover and a friend. He is a man of affection and attention to his wife. A lover of his wife and he is demonstrating love to her always and he made it known to his family that he loves his wife.

  1. Honour:

A man of honour honours his wife and earns her respect. He does not degrade his wife in the presence of the children, friends, family or in the public. He has formed the habit of using courtesies when relating with her. He encourages, appreciate, and celebrate his wife openly.



SECRETS OF A WINNING WIFE…..what every wife need to know

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