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SECRETS OF A WINNING WIFE…..what every wife need to know

by Oba Samuel
SECRETS OF A WINNING WIFE....what every wife need to know.


SECRETS OF A WINNING WIFE….what every wife need to know

-By Oba Samuel

The reason why many wives fail in their marriages is that they lacked the secrets of a winning wife which will make husband fond of her and cause her marriage to blossom in this era where marriages are crashing like a pack of cards. As a wife, you are not programmed to fail in marriage, you can become a woman to be treasured in the life of your husband. Get the secrets of a winning wife below:

SECRETS OF A WINNING WIFE....what every wife need to know.

Here are the secrets of a winning wife:

1. She is organized:

An exceptional wife is an organized woman. She organizes herself so well that nothing caught her unaware. She manages her home, time and career perfectly that each one succeeds without affecting the other. She is an all-round woman.  An unorganized wife will have a disorganized family.

2.Organize her Home:

A Winning wife is a woman who organizes her home. Many wives complained about their husbands not being homely, one of the major reasons for this is lack of an organized home. Men detest untidy and unclean home. As a wife, keep your bedroom, sitting room, kitchen and toilets neat and tidy. Take care of your sitting room like a reception.

3.Understand the major need of a man:

A good wife understands that the number one need of a man is respect and she is giving it to her husband without reservation. Regardless of her age, wealth or position at work, she submits to her husband. A submissive wife will have the heart of her husband glued to her permanently. Any wife that can not submit to her husband cannot exist with him.

4, Know the Limit of Her Husband:

She knows that her husband cannot meet all her needs. So, she knows his financial limit and takes whatever the husband can afford joyfully without complaints. This is one big mistake many wives were making as they overrate the financial capacity of their husband in supplying all their wishes and where he cannot, it leads to misunderstanding and conflicts.

5.Avoids Pressure:

Men are stronger than women but most of them can not withstand the pressures from their wives. Husbands love the joyful and peaceful atmosphere and this endears them to any wife who can give them peace of mind. Avoid pressurizing your husband if you really want to enjoy his best.

6.Great cook:

Husbands can’t resist a delicious meal from their wives. Give him delicious and timely food always and you will have his heart for keeps. Learn to cook varieties from other tribes because varieties are the game changer in the tummy of a man.


Give your husband total support and never be seen as an enemy to his goals and dreams. Men want you to support his vision, career, goals and dreams physically, financially, prayerfully and psychologically. Support him and let him know that you are his number one supporter.


Most husbands love and cherish wives that prays for them. Winning wives were not prayerless, they are prayer giant. Rise up to pray against the enemy of your husband. Pray against enemies of his job, career, ministry, finances, visions, project and family. Hand over his emotion, sex life, association, decision to God in prayers and you will have peace with him.


Wise wives accept their in-laws unconditionally. They know that mothers- in-laws should be loved and care for and not war against even if she is troublesome. No husband truly loves a wife that hates his mother. Apply wisdom to win your mothers-in-law to your side, love her and let your husband know that you do.


A winning wife knows that no matter the level of her success in other areas, you may not satisfy your husband if you are a failure in the bedroom. If you hate sex, your husband may hate you. Don’t just have sex for procreation, have it for pleasure too. Improve your sexual performance, make up your mind to satisfy your husband’s sexual needs.

SECRETS OF A WINNING WIFE….what every wife need to know.


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