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See 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Leaf (Ugwu)

by Anjorin Dare
Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu)

Pumpkin leaf is a common vegetable in Nigeria and many people use to cook, as medicine and some as juice. Meanwhile many do not know the health benefits they derive from its consumption. Hence, below are some of the health benefits of Pumpkin Leaf.

Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu)

Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu)

  1. Contains a healthy amount of vitamins.
  2. It helps to prevent Kidney Disease
  3. It acts as an anti-inflammatory
  4. Prevention of convulsion- the young leaves are sliced and mixed with salt and coconut water and then stored in a bottle for treatment of convulsion.
  5. Lowers cholesterol- leaves have hypolipidemic effect and may be a useful therapy in hypercholesterolemia.
  6. Boosts fertility- a study shows that ugwu has the ability to regenerate testicular damage and increase spermatogenesis.

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  7. Protects the liver.
  8. It has an antibacterial effect.
  9. Rich in iron and can be used to cure anaemia.
  10. Can be used by nursing mothers to lactate properly.
  11. Is good for diabetics as it has sugar reducing effects.
  12. Increases blood volume.
  13. Boosts immune system.
  14. Has high protein content.
  15. It helps to treat Cardiovascular diseases
  16. It helps to treat Cancer
  17. It has a liver protecting effects.
  18. It has antibacterial effects Read more.
  19. It prevents Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  20. It has Healing Properties

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