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See 5 Skills You Need To Have To Make Your Marriage Works

by Kufre Ekpo

Marriage is a beautiful institution that was ordained by God, though beautiful, it is definitely not a bed of roses. A Lot of people these days don’t stick to the wedding vows anymore. In fact, the wedding vow has become like a poem every bride and grooms recipes, it doesn’t get to the heart anymore. Marriage is not easy but it is definitely workable.

Today, we will be looking at five skills you need to have to make your marriage work.

Communication Skills

Communication involves both talking and listening to other partner. Each partner must be able to talk properly and listen attentively. Some people like to talk but don’t like to listen, it shouldn’t be so. You you should be able to talk to and listen to your partner. Another important thing in communication is timing and location, know when and where to raise certain topics so as to get the full attention of your partner.

Forgiving Skills

It is true that to err is human, and to forgive is divine. Since there is nobody that is infallible, we are human being but no God, no human is perfect. Considering this, your partner will definitely offend you. Offences are bound to happen consciously or not, mistakes will definitely happen, your ability to forgive and let go is important if you want your marriage to work.

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Apologizing Skills

The phrase ‘I AM SORRY’ though simple can be so difficult to say. Some people don’t know how to apologize when they offend their partner. Some partners only apologize in serious matters, it shouldn’t be so. Saying sorry has a way of calming down anger and not aggravating things.

Overlooking Skills

For you to enjoy your marriage, you really need to overlook a lot of thing to avoid crash at home. It’s not everything you see, hear or, observe in your home that you will talk and react. Sometimes, you just need to keep a blind eye or give a deaf ear to things your partner does or say at least for your own sanity. Having Fun Skills

Keeping things spice up and being romantic is important, marriage is not a battlefield, make jokes, laugh, play games, gist, go out, do things together. You don’t need too much money to have fun; you just need time and attention.

If you really want your marriage or relationship to work, you need to put in your time and energy, you don’t need all the money in the world to have a successful marriage, you just need to be committed and determined to do small things as these.

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