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See Reasons Why You Should Stop Cooking Noodles And Spaghetti Without Doing These 3 Things

by Kufre Ekpo

Food is what keeps us alive and healthy. It is very difficult to survive without food and water. Most people have their favourite foods, so do I. Many people love eating rice, some prefer beans and some prefer other foods. But among children and some adults, you can’t take away noodles and spaghetti from them. These foods are one of the popular foods in the world and many people can’t go a day without tasting any of them.

Noodles and spaghetti are not natural foods like rice, beans, cassava, etc. You can cultivate the above natural foods but you can’t cultivate noodles and spaghetti. All man-made foods are processed. Despite being in high demand these foods can cause whole lots of health problems when not properly prepared.

Most people prefer eating pasta to other natural foods and some children can’t do without eating any of these foods. To avoid developing some health problems there are special ways parents should prepare them.

Noodles and Spaghetti have high sodium (salt) content, there are also made with artificial flavors and spices which them more dangerous to our health causing certain diseases like cancer, stroke, hypertension, kidney disease, heart diseases, and lots more. To limit the negative effect of these processed foods you need to prepare them with the methods discussed below:

1. Check the expiry date of the noodles or pasta.

Like I said these products are man-made, you should check the expiring date before acquiring them. Also, these foods contain Monosodium Glutamate which harms the body when consumed excessively.

Eating expired noodles and spaghetti is very dangerous to our health, it can lead to instant death. Those people who are suffering from illnesses like heart and kidney diseases, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, etc., should avoid eating expired noodles and spaghetti because it is more dangerous to their health.

2. Parboil the pasta or noodles first before the main cooking.

Most people don’t parboil these foods when cooking them. They quickly cook it, to save them time and energy. This is wrong, parboiling your noodles and spaghetti helps on reducing monosodium and other chemical content in the food. This always reduces starch/carbohydrate in the food.

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3. Add rich vegetables to the pasta or noodles.

Adding dark green vegetables helps in nourishing the meal. This helps in reducing the high concentration of starch/carbohydrates in the food. It also helps in improving your health and general wellbeing. You should limit the number of processed foods you consume daily to avoid developing deadly health conditions.

The tips above will aid you in preparing healthy spaghetti and noodles. Failure to prepare your food healthily increases the risk of deadly diseases and sometimes we suffer these diseases for a lifetime.

There is some disease you can develop by not cooking your meal properly, especially processed foods.

1. Cancer

Processed foods are one of the cancer-causing agents. Some ingredients like artificial flavour, colour, sweeteners, Styrofoam, etc., used in producing processed foods are cancer-causing agents.

2. Miscarriage

Eating too many processed foods during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or have a dangerous effect on the baby.

3. Obesity or overweight

Some people don’t know that some of the food they eat can make them obese. Processed foods contain fats and sugar, this makes people who consume an excess of processed foods fat. Obesity can lead to several deadly health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and poor well-being which sometimes leads.

4. Indigestion

Excess consumption of junk foods leads to bloating and irregular bowel movements. To avoid indigestion you should eat fewer junk foods.

Hope you learned something from this educative piece, stop cooking your meal in the wrong way to avoid been killed.

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