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See Step By Step Procedure To Renew Your Driver’s Licence

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See Step By Step Procedure To Renew Your Driver’s Licence

Are you worried or disturbed on how to renew your Driver’s licence. Probably your Driver’s licence is almost expiring and you are wondering how you can renew it.Worry no more here is step by step procedure on how you can renew your Driver’s licence.
1. Go to http://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org and click on “Driver’s Licence Renewal” (or “Renewal of Driver’s Licence” under “DL Application” wink

2. This takes you to this page https://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org/dlApplication/renew where you are to enter your
Driver’s Licence Number and Date of Birth. Note: If your drivers’ licence is not going to expire within 30 days, you won’t be able to proceed past this point.

3. On the renewal page, select between a 3-year validity period for N6,350 or a 5-year validity period for N10,450.

4. Complete the rest of the form with your personal details and contact/mailing address. You can choose to edit your information here (just check the edit box) or you can retain the details you had as at your last application. You can also add your Taxpayer Identification Number (just the 6 digits without the “N-“wink if you are so inclined.

5. If you do not need to change anything, you can skip to the bottom of the form where you fill in the Processing Office Details. The state and local government where your licence was initially processed will be indicated here, however, you need to select your preferred FRSC Capture Center to conclude the process

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6. Next, you have the option of repeating the biometric data capture or not. Unless you have undergone significant physical changes in the last 3-5 years, please select “No” here.

7. Submit

8. If for any reason, you have to reload this page, please start over and select “No” under the bio-metric re-capture option again.
9. Once you are done, you will be shown the completed ML15R form on a Driver’s Licence Application Preview Page. This will have all the application details with three options at the bottom of the page: ‘Print’, ‘Proceed with Payment’,

10. I strongly advise you proceed with the online payment at this stage. It’s the normal Interswitch process and pretty straightforward.

11. Once you’re done with the payment, you will be taken back to the updated Driver’s Licence Application Preview Page with the Payment Status updated to Payment Confirmed and the expiry date extended by the validity period you paid for (3 or 5 years)

12. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Print’

1. Print 2 copies of the completed Driver’s Licence Application Preview Page

2. Make 2 copies of your current driver’s licence. Also, have the original with you.

3. Take 2 passport photographs

4. Head to your selected FRSC Capture Center. If you can find the VIO “Road Sense” CD/DVD that you were given when you first applied for your driver’s licence, please take this along with you.

5. At the center, present items 1-3 listed above (alongside your current original driver’s licence) to the FRSC officers.

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6. Next, you will be directed to the VIO office (same building)
7. Present the above-listed items to the VIO officials.

8. At this point, you will be asked to pay N1,000. This is where the “Road Sense” CD/DVD comes in handy. The N1,000 payment is for a test and the CD.

9. After paying, you need to take a test. you might be given a verbal test although the VIO official pointed out that it should/could have been a written test. The test was simple enough and it essentially became a 5-minute educational discourse.The maximum speed limit in Lagos State is 80km/hr

10. After successfully passing the test, the VIO official will give you a signed Driver’s Licence Checklist, and also complete required parts of the printed Driver’s Licence Application Page.

11. Back at the FRSC desk, you need to make copies of the signed Driver’s Licence Checklist and the signed Driver’s Licence
Application Page (with your passport photograph attached.

12. These copies attached to a copy of your current driver’s licence will be further signed by the FRSC official and this forms your temporary driver’s licence.

The new driver’s licence will be ready in 3 months.

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