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See Why Lagosians Love Ewa-agoyin

See Why Lagosians Love Ewa-agoyin-dailyfamily.ng

See Why Lagosians Love Ewa-agoyin

Ewa-agoyin, a variety of cooked beans, that is softened is one food many Lagosians don’t joke with. The delicacy which is prepared with beans, red oil, pepper can be served alongside bread or even yam.

See Why Lagosians Love Ewa-agoyin-dailyfamily.ng

The meal is not complete without a properly fried fish on top of it. Although some prefer fried plantains in place of the fish, while others would just go for the egg.

See Why Lagosians Love Ewa-agoyin-dailyfamily.ng

The origin of this food is yet to be established. Though it was traced to Togo, a school of thought is of the opinion that the food is originally from Nigeria. One thing is sure, the food has come to stay in Lagos. It has been saving lives since 1900!


See Why Lagosians Love Ewa-agoyin-dailyfamily.ng

Over the week, Dailyfamily took to the streets to ask people about their experience with the food, and trust me, Lagosians don’t joke with this food

‘’I eat Ewa-Goin every morning before going to work, its hotness at that time makes it delicious, I prefer mine with bread as the yam most times can be very small. I have been eating this food since I was a young boy in my secondary school days- Akeem

‘’The food is delicious, I was introduced to it by my colleague, I have never eaten the food before now, before migrating from Onitsha to Lagos, I have not eaten or tasted the food at all, but ever since I ate the food, I have been patronizing the woman vendor who sells the food on my street’’ – Chinaza

‘’I hate the food, its looks very unkept when served, perhaps the pots and buckets used in storing the food most times make me throw-up, like why on earth will I buy hawked food? What happened to food sold in shops and restaurants’’? -Tracy

‘’The food has been saving lives, my brother, I don’t miss it daily, I have a customer who brings it to the cite where I work, most times the food is not always enough for the workers as most of us eat more than three rounds of the food. The food gives s strength especially when eaten with bread and two sachet water’’ -Femi

‘’I love the food, it’s a life saver, I like mine with just fish, the oil in the beans should be separated, I also like yam, most times when I’m seriously hungry and need to eat’’. – Abdul

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