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She loves me the way I am – My Story of Love (series)

by Okechukwu Liberty
My story of love

She loves me the way I am – My Story of Love (series)

My name is Femi Adeyinka Philips, I grew up in the town of Festac, Lagos state and here is My Story of Love.

My story of love

My story of love

I met Chiamaka Jude while I was at a company (undisclosed) close to the University of Lagos, UNILAG. She was a 300level student of the school and she always came to run some transactions in the company most times during the week.

She had a lovely smile that broke and mend your heart - Image credit; gettyimages

She had a lovely smile that broke and mend your heart – Image credit; gettyimages

Chiamaka wasn’t exceptionally beautiful but she had a body that’ll make any man stare twice in her direction. She had a lovely smile that broke and mend your heart but then that was all. I never paid much attention to her and our conversations were just business-related and nothing more, this was because she didn’t run her transactions through me but through Shayo, my colleague.

Every time she came by, Shayo was always like; “Femi, this girl likes you oh, ask her out nah,” but I paid no mind to Shayo, I felt it was small talk. Things went on the same way till one a faithful day.

Amaka as she’s called, came into the office while Shayo was on leave, ah, I had even forgotten I was to attend to her during this period. She came into the office, sat down on the chair opposite my desk and said; “So now that Shayo has gone on leave, he said you’ll be attending to me from now on, you that won’t talk or smile at me.” I looked up at her.

I didn’t want to woman problems this early morning, I just went to the point and requested her documents and began to work it. She spoke to me while I worked, I couldn’t understand what gave her the impression that she could bring me to interact with her the way Shayo does, ‘that womanizer of a colleague’

Before the week ran out, Amaka had successfully dragged me out of my shell, I was talking to her like I knew her from my past life, I was liking her. I looked up to the moments when she walked through that door of the office and sat on that chair. The smell of her perfume in the morning…wonderful.

On this very Monday, it was already noon and Amaka hadn’t shown up, “What’s wrong?” I thought to myself. Maybe she had grown sick and tired of me, but I shook off that thought cos we were always syncing.

I remembered she had her phone number on her documents, so I decided to call her. When I did, I heard her sweet voice that always cracked a bit when she spoke. “Hello, Femi, so I had to be sick before you could call me, you’re not caring at all.” How did she know I was the one, Did she have my number? “Shayo!!!” 

I suspected that guy.

“I am sorry Amaka, how are you feeling?” She cut me off before I could say further, she gave me my house address and asked me to come to see her.

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I hope I won’t fall in love with this woman, it never ends well for me especially if they find out the truth about me. I made up my mind to go see her but I  would just make it a normal visit, I don’t want to go into any relationship.

But still, I couldn’t wait for 5 pm so I could go see Amaka. Finally, the time came, I rushed to the office bathroom to set my hair, wear some perfume and check if I looked good.

“Femi, you’re just deceiving yourself,” I said to myself.

"Femi, you're just deceiving yourself," I said to myself.

“Femi, you’re just deceiving yourself,” I said to myself.

I rushed to place and was directed to her door, I knocked and heard her say “Come in Femi.”

How did she know it was me, This girl is a witch!

I came in, she stood to greet me at the door, I saw a guy lying on her bed in her one-room apartment. “Amaka, you didn’t tell me your boyfriend is around?” She looked at me and said, “You have not even asked me out yet and you’re already jealous of the first man you see around me.” I felt ashamed of myself.

She introduced me to the guy as her younger brother, Kenneth who came to stay with her when he found out she was ill. I apologised to her for my foolishness and her brother gave an excuse to leave us alone. “Coded guy.”

We started talking from 5 to 9 pm that night, I couldn’t get enough of this lady, she was smart, ambitious and creative. I found put she was 24 and her delay in education was because she had to hustle for a while to make her fees since her parents couldn’t meet them for her.

She insisted I join her to make dinner, we made some okra soup and eba and it was ‘wow!.

We made some okra soup and eba and it was 'wow!

We made some okra soup and eba and it was ‘wow!

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This lady is wife material, 20 yards. I left Amaka’s place by 11.30 pm that night after we had gone to the drugstore where I got her some vitamins and energy drinks. She almost insisted I didn’t but was thankful.

I went home that night with the best feeling I ever had in years, or since Joy left me after I told her about my situation, one I felt Amaka would run if she ever found out. I won’t blame her, I won’t blame anyone for my situation.

After several weeks of seeing each other and spending time together. it was time to let our feelings out, time to define the US.

Amaka was very bold and she came up with the question; “Femi, when would you ask me out, or you’ll just continue to die in silence.”

Hmmm, I had to say my truth.

“I am sterile, Amaka. I kept it a secret from my first girlfriend for a long time because I was too scared that she would leave me. When I told her finally, she actually did leave. I was depressed for a year and my other relationships all led to nothing.” 

I told her everything and she just looked at me and said; “Is that why you refused to ask me out, Femi, we could adopt in the future.”

I was so relieved that I started crying and I knew then that I wanted to marry her. I love this woman so much.

I was so relieved that I started crying

I was so relieved that I started crying



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