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Airforce Officer finally sentenced to death for Killing Lover

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Shocking: Airforce Officer finally sentenced to death for Killing Lover

Nigerian Airforce Officer, Air Craftsman Kalu Bernard has been sentenced to death by hanging, over the alleged killing of his girl friend and colleague, Solape Oladipupo.

A 10-man Nigeria Air Force (NAF) General Court Martial, had tried Air Craftsman Bernard and found him guilty of the charges levelled against him.

Bernard, 21, had killed Solape when he claimed to have caught her in the arms of another man in the Air Force Base, Makurdi on March 12, 2017.

Sources in the Air force had said that Bernard engaged in a fight with the man over his allegedly “double-dating” girlfriend. It was in the process that Solape tried to overpower Bernard but was shot dead, unfortunately.

Judge Advocate of the court, Flight Lt. M. A. Umoh, read a 70-page judgement of the case which lasted all through the early hours of Wednesday. The eight-count charge comprises of as murder, failure to perform military duty, housebreaking, impersonation, loss of service property, disobedience of service order and prejudice to service discipline.

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The President of the court, Group Captain Elisha Bindul, in his judgement, said that the accused was found guilty in six, out of the eight-count charges levelled against him, and then was sentenced to death by hanging.

Defense counsel to the accused, Abimiku Ewuga, had earlier appealed to the court to have mercy in its judgement, especially as the accused was a bread winner of his family and a first time offender.

In a chat with newsmen after the judgement, Ewuga commended the court for being thorough but said that he would appeal against the sentence.

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