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Shocking: Alcoholic man kills mother, eats her organs

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Shocking: Alcholic man kills mother, eats her organs

An Indian 35-year-old man, Sunil Kuchakurni has been arrested by the Indian Police for allegedly stabbing his mother to death over his mother’s refusal to give him money for alcohol.

Kuchakurni was alleged to have cut out his mother, Yelava’s heart and intestines before eating them with pepper and chutney spices.

The man had carried out the attack when he visited the 65-year-old mother at her home in Mahawala Vasant, in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Neighbour’s who saw him walking out of the deceased house with blood stained hands an hour after they heard screams, alerted the police immediately.

Senior Inspector of Shahupuri Police Station in Kolhapur, Sanjay More, while confirming the arrest of the suspect said the 35-year-old is in custody and investigation is ongoing into his ordeal and actions.

Police revealed that Kuchakurni was unemployed and surviving on his mother’s pension scheme.

The Senior Inspector also disclosed that blood samples of the suspect were being tested to confirm if he ate parts of his mother’s body.

Parts of the mother’s stomach and heart were extracted and found next to the corpse with pepper and chutney when the police we reached the crime scene.

The Police said the suspect must have eaten some of the organs but it would only be confirmed after the medical reports have been released.


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