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Shocking! Man shares what he did to bring back his dying wife

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Shocking! Man shares what he did to bring back his dying wife


“How my dying wife was brought back to life”. This powerful story someone sent me on the inner workings of his faith and method of the Spirit may help someone out there. Read through. Thank you

MARCH 23, 2018

Good evening to you, sir.

My name is T.M, and I have a testimony of our Father’s faithfulness that I think I must share with you..
This email is actually about 3 weeks overdue and dates back to a message I sent to you last year, evidenced in this thread.
Since December of 2017, last Sunday was the first time we were attending church owing to the events of the past 3 months.

Against all odds, my wife is alive! She lives. She was discharged home from LUTH on the 27th of January, 2018 and is now home with me. Our Father in heaven perfected the great work He effected in raising her from the dead, just as He promised.

I must confess to an error I have been making over the years. Since I began practising the biblical principles you teach us in church, many mighty demonstrations of the grace of God have been evident in our lives but I have often kept them to myself.

I’ve never felt the need to broadcast many of these events because I felt what was most important was the practice of these truths and seeing the results promised us in the word of God.

Only recently have I come to a better understanding that returning to the Father’s presence, to the body, and to the man of God after receiving such deliverance is a most powerful act of acknowledgement that completes the process of manifestation.

A scripture in Luke 14 has served to correct my tendency to be rather reserved on making known the intervention of the Holy Spirit in our lives (Interestingly, you referenced this particular scripture last Sunday during the 4th service).

There are a number of things that we learned during the entire period of my wife’s illness. I came to understand that indeed we have what we say, this time in a personal and experiential way.

Following my previous email to you, my wife’s general condition worsened until she became unconscious. She spent over 4 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit at LUTH, and about 1 week in a coma.

During this time, her team of surgeons decided she needed to undergo another surgery if she was to have any kind of chance of survival. They all knew they were losing her. It was an extraordinary thing to contemplate. Our marriage was just 4 years old. How was I to lose my wife at such a young age?

In this dark period, I would sit by her bed and speak the scriptures to her for hours even though she was unresponsive. Hospital staff basically indulged me out of pity since she did not seem like she would make it out of there alive.

I told my wife the opposite. I told her she would live because the word of God says so. I made confessions over her that aligned with the scriptures.

At a point, God sent one of the leaders of the C3 healing technicians (Dr O, who was a member of my wife’s managing anaesthesiology team) to instruct me to look at the scriptures as I spoke them, not just recite from memory.

He had observed me and noticed that I got tired after hours of confessing the scriptures over my wife, and with fatigue came a waning of power. I followed his suggestion, and that was the turning point.

I was filled with renewed energy to confess and pray, and I knew it could only have been supernaturally given. I was at it every day after that.

She went in for the second surgery. On Dr O’s advice, I re-organized my family into groups: People who prayed and interceded in the Spirit only, and people who ran hospital errands on her behalf. We did this continuously while the surgery (which took more than 6 hours) went on.

Doctors said it was as though somebody had taken a sharp instrument and repeatedly punctured holes into my wife’s intestines. Her body was toxic from all the intestinal leakage and her heart was barely holding on; and yet the doctors decided that the surgery was her best chance at that point.

My task was to just speak the Word to her only, and this I did with a single-minded focus while alternating with speaking in tongues.

She survived the surgery and was moved to the ICU afterwards. God bless Dr O. His advice was Spirit-driven, and he was also a huge help physically within the hospital system. I continued my vigils at my wife’s bedside.

One unique thing I noted was that at different intervals, I would receive a prompting in my heart to get up, leave my wife’s side and walk around the hospital to look for people who required aid, support, comfort or any intervention I could provide and sow into their lives. Then I would return to her side and continue my assignment. This happened several times.

On many occasions, I would render financial, emotional or psychological help to strangers who had patients within the hospital only for me to find later that it was for our own benefit that the spirit prompted me.
Let me give one example:

One day, I had just finished speaking over my wife and was prompted to go outside. I saw a young man crying profusely. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that his father, a pastor, had had a stroke and had been brought to the hospital but was not being properly cared for. His dad was due for a laryngectomy because he had been on prolonged intubation on a ventilator.

A laryngectomy involves making a hole in a patient’s throat so that he may breathe through a tube that would be inserted there.

It is done if a person who isn’t breathing on their own has been put on a ventilator for more than 5 days.

Now my wife, at this time, had been on the ventilator herself for a few days and I had been praying that she won’t stay long enough for a laryngectomy to be necessary. I asked the young man for his father’s name, I went to seek out the case note and read up on the entire thing.

I was able to do this because I am a doctor who used to work at this hospital. I located the managing medical team and queried them. They were my juniors in the practice and they answered my questions. I found out that the delay was really about the availability of oxygen at the theatre and that this man may be left there for quite some time if nothing was done to expedite its delivery.

I went to the oxygen room to make enquiries. I also called the lift operator who would transfer the oxygen from there to the required floor. They explained that the oxygen had been supplied and promised it’d be delivered the following day. I then went back to the young man and his mother to explain the situation to them.

I found the managing doctors and told them the problem and how I had fixed it. (They were just inexperienced with the system, not malicious in anyway). I then gave them the numbers to call for utilities at the facility. I went to sleep really late that night, all the while feeling guilty for missing the evening session of confession and prayer with my still unconscious wife.

Very early the next morning, in a bid to make up for not talking to my wife the previous day, I woke up earlier than usual to go see her. Upon my arrival, I found her gasping for air! Her own oxygen had finished, nobody knew how to get her a fresh supply, and her doctors were milling about, largely disoriented.

They had tried to reach the utility people but the responses were sluggish because they hadn’t been paid in months. Thank God I did all that running around the previous day! I had even tipped the men who did the work the previous day for a job well done. I had all their private numbers fresh in my phone. Without delay, I called all of them. Oxygen, lift and delivery.

They showed up with 6 cylinders of oxygen. They showed up before any harm was done to my wife’s brain. Pastor, as I type this message there are tears in my eyes when I remember what Abba did to preserve her.

Occurrences like this where the Spirit will prompt me to go do something and it would turn out to be for ourselves are so numerous I can’t enumerate them all in an email.

I stopped giving updates on her condition to people who kept asking because I realized that these sort of conversations weakened me, diluting my confession and resolve. I realized that her condition fluctuated in accordance with the state of my heart.

As a trained medical doctor, the scientist in me would want to describe in exact detail what the situation was and the possible courses of medical intervention whenever friends and family wanted updates.

It dawned on me that this is diametrically opposed to the Law of Confession, so I completely discarded it and stopped giving updates to my immediate family and close friends. I began to ignore all requests for updates altogether.

To forestall offence, I directed a close friend to explain to people what was going on whenever the need arose. I remembered all the things you had taught in church on the subject. I recalled teachings by Pastor Creflo Dollar and Bishop Butler. I resolutely only said what the scriptures say.

I only repeated what the Spirit of God had told me in prayer, even as things continued to look dismal on the outside.

I own a software firm that provides technological and innovation support to a foreign organization in a northern state. (The building and existence of our company is no less dramatic and demonstrative of God’s supernatural intervention).

While my wife laid on the hospital bed, I could neither work nor turn in my reports as at when due. My company manages an intervention program in (northern state) on behalf of the US-based organization.

They had sent in 2 sets of foreign evaluators and I had it on good authority that their intent generally was to terminate some of the investments they had in the region. I was at LUTH and unsure on how to proceed. Do I leave my wife to
go defend the project for a day or do I stay by her side and lose the significant investment our company had made over the preceding 6 years to get here?

My mother and mother-in-law both advised me to go briefly to defend the project in that state, with my mother applying the greatest pressure. The company investment being really significant, she felt that that was the best way to protect our interest and all the work we had been doing with the U.S. government. I went to God in prayer.

The response in the scriptures was quite clear. The dynamics of the whole scenario was revealed in two scriptures. First, 1 Samuel 29-31. David and Saul were both assaulted in 1 Samuel and their families attacked at the fateful battle against the Philistines (We are David, the USG-funding mechanism are Saul).

David came back from the war front to find his family and those of his men had been captured. He pursued after the roving band of Amalekites, recovered his family and still became king. The instruction was clear, stay with her. Other competing programs in the funding entity (Saul) will be sort out. We, subsequently will take over the operations in the region.

As if this wasn’t enough, the scriptures also showed that Pharoah Neco warned King Josiah that He did not intend to attack Judah and Josiah should not throw away his life by fighting a battle not aimed at him. Sir, even though I had bought a ticket to Sokoto, I cancelled my flight and told my team that I would be staying in Lagos with my wife.

The confessions and praise songs over her life must continue. I also noticed that David recovered all from the Amalekites. Some of this wealth so retrieved served as a basis of rapproachment to the elders of Hebron who then effectively endorsed him king in Saul’s stead.

Miraculously, my wife’s clinical condition started improving after surgeons followed the off-hand advice of somebody from the microbiology department to change her antibiotics from the very expensive ones she had been on to one that was very common and cheap. It was almost like this medication was all her body had craved.

All her blood indices started to improve dramatically until they became normal within 3 days. Indices we had been battling to correct for weeks! It was not long after that she was discharged from the hospital. Hospital staff could not stop staring at her, having witnessed the amazing recovery of someone no one had expected to live.

Sir, my wife and I moved to a bigger and new apartment this February, despite the huge amount of money we had spent on her hospital bill. Following your message last Sunday, we have begun thanking God for our own house.

A competing US based-sponsored program in the said state was terminated by the US government, but our program was preserved.

My wife resumed work at her facility at the beginning of this month.

The Word of God on our lips gave her life and brought her back from the dead. The Word gave us direction on how exactly we should act in circumstance where we did not know the outcome.

Over the past 2 years, God has done the most awesome and fearful things to bring us to this place where our company manages this intervention for the USG. I know He has done even more fearful things that I am yet to walk in.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. T and T

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