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Shocking: Meet the 10-year-old boy who eats every hour.

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Shocking: Meet the 10-year-old boy who eats every hour.
Shocking: Meet the 10-year-old boy who eats every hour.

Shocking: Meet the 10-year-old boy who eats every hour.

A 10-year-old South African boy identified as Caden Benjamin who is constantly hungry has been reported to always eat toilet rolls whenever he is unable to get any food.

Caden from Standerton in South Africa weighs 14 stone 2lbs (90 kilogrammes) because of his constant overeating.

According to diagnosis, he is suffering from a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome, which is characterized by an obsessive compulsion to eat.

Speaking on the situation, Caden’s mother, Zola Benjamin said.

‘At one point, Caden was eating toilet paper. He’d eat rolls of it,’ she said

‘Actually, he’d eat any paper he would find in the house. If there’s nothing for him to eat, he’ll scrape together the dirt he finds on the floor and eats that.’

The report gathered reveals that Several years ago, the boy was forced to undergo a tracheotomy and he now breathes through a tube inserted into his windpipe.

The disease affects thousands of people worldwide, resulting in physical, mental and behavioural problems.



Ms. Benjamin also said that: ‘At three years old he was 40 kg (6 stone 4 lbs) and at that time, we didn’t know what was wrong with him.

‘We went to a number of doctors and no one could tell us what was wrong and why he was gaining so much weight.’

Eventually, a doctor at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria ran further tests and diagnosed Caden’s illness.


‘Normally he would start off the day by eating four slices of cheese toast and then an hour later he would drink Coke and eat leftover food from the night before.

‘Then at lunch, he’d eat two large pieces of chicken. He’d eat hourly for the rest of the day.’

But with his present health condition and the weight spiraling out of control, doctors have put Caden who wears men’s extra Large size clothes on a diet.


With the doctor’s instruction, Ms. Benjamin has had to lock all her kitchen cabinets and her fridge and hide all food items in the house from Caden.

‘He’s really battling. I feel so terrible… but the doctors said that if I want to see my son alive, then he has to go on a diet,’ Ms. Benjamin said.


‘Each and every day is a battle. I have to check up on him all day and night.’

Caden struggles to move around and even breathe because he is so overweight.

He also suffers bouts of depression because he is unable to live like a normal child.

‘Sometimes he’ll just break down in tears and tells me he wants to go and play with the other children outside’.

‘But he is unable to do that and there’s no way I can help him.’ Ms. Benjamin added

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