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Shocking revelation about ‘Akara’ sellers

by Family Center
Shocking revelation about 'Akara' sellers

Shocking revelation about ‘Akara’ sellers

There are some things that are confined to the highways and express ways of Nigerian roads. Certain delicacies you will find at Junction towns –a special kind of fried bean cake popularly called Akara.

In South West, the only two places where you can see these Akara are OSU (akaraosu) and Iyana Ife in front of O’Dua University in Ile-Ife, Osun state.

Those boys and girls you see at Ife-Junction whenever you are travelling are really working hard for money.

They have bosses they work for, who pay them at the end of the day and their payments are based on commissions.

No wonder! whenever vehicles slowed down at that junction, you will see these teenagers running after vehicles to sell their Akara.

Dailyfamily.ng, took a road trip to Ilesha to see how the Akara was been prepared and sold.


Dailyfamily.ng, trip on the Ife/Ilesha expressway through Osu, where hot bean cakes are sold in old newspapers.

Akara Osu known as Akara Elepo, is a thick, bean fritter made with fresh beans ground without water yet beaten till light.

Coarsely blended onions and chili peppers are added, the mixture is seasoned and huge dollops are deep-fried in palm oil, thus some are fried with ground nut oil, till a super crisp/crunchy coat forms.

On getting to Iyana Ife, the whole express was occupied by young boys and girls approaching our vehicle with each of then holding Akara rapped with papers in their hands.

Dailyfamily.ng, tried to make some enquiries from them.

Mrs Shade Babalola who looked pregnant, said they resumed sometimes as early as 6’oclock in the morning to start the preparation.

“We do come here sometimes as early as 6 am, you know Akara has procedure, from peeling to grinding and stirring before we start the frying”.

Asking her how she is coping being a pregnant woman, she said” I don’t have choice because I have to support my husband to provide for the family”.

“I don’t come here regularly because am not the owner of this place, I have a Boss that I work for who pay me daily, so anytime I don’t feel like coming I will stay in my house, it is not a salary job, she added.

Mrs Omolara Oyetunmi, said she has five people working for her plus her three children making 8 employees Woking for her to sell her Akara.

“I have five people working for me plus three of my own children making 8 people working for me. Some of my colleagues here have up to seven people working for them”.

Asking about how much she typically paid her workers at the end of the day. She said it depend on how the make sales, ” our payment here is based on commission”.

She further explained that #1, 000 Akara sales, attract #200 commission, “the general rule here is that for #1, 000 Akara sales you make, you get #200 commission and if you did not sell up to that, your money will be divided base on the amount you were able to make.

Speaking also with dailyfamily.ng, the leader of all the Akara traders in Ife- junction, Mrs. Mary Olaleye, who said the place was given to them by Ipetumodun King” Oba Ipetumodun is the one that put all us here to engaged in buying and selling, and if anything should happen, we will take the matter to king for his judgments and resolutions”

Mrs. Olaleye further explained that they have rules and regulations which they observed.” There are rules here and one of the rules is that non of those sales boys and girls you are seen are allowed to jump from one employer to another, they have to stick with their employer permanently”. She added.

On of the boys who spoke with dailyfamily.ng, who do not want her name to appear said,” bros, na hustle we dey ooo, I just finished my National Diploma (ND) since there is no money I need to work in order to gather money and continue with my Higher National Diploma (HND)”.

Asking him how much he typically makes in a day, ” it depends on market, sometimes #500, or #1, 000.

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