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Shocking things Bishop Wale Oke said about Bishop David Oyedepo

by O. S David
Shocking things Bishop Wale Oke said about Bishop David Oyedepo

Shocking things Bishop Wale Oke said about Bishop David Oyedepo

How and when did you meet Bishop David Oyedepo?

We became friends in 1978. Both of us were students. I was at the University of Lagos and he was at Ilorin. It was during one of one of the students’ fellowship conferences we led that we became friends. I saw the hand of God upon his (David Oyedepo) life. The understanding that the hand of God was upon our lives became a point of mutual attraction.

What were the things that have bonded you together as close friends since then?

Like I said earlier, it is the perception of the hand of God upon our lives. But most importantly, his seriousness with the things of God, his doggedness, his commitment, his passion for evangelism and expansion of the kingdom of God. He brought this commitment to the service of God’s kingdom. This has remained the lubricant of our relationship.

What events do you consider unforgettable in your friendship?

Both myself and my wife were there on the day of his wedding in 1982 at Olayinka in Kwara State. That was unforgettable. When I held the first conference of the Sword of the Spirit Ministry in 1982 in Ilorin, he was one of the major speakers. When his first two children, David and Isaac were christened, I officiated. He also named my children, Dorcas and Isaac. Over the years, he has remained a notable figure during our yearly Holy Ghost Convention. I was there at the ground-breaking of Canaanland at Ota. I was there at the first graduation ceremony of Covenant University. When we were breaking the ground at the Garden of Victory in Ibadan in 1990, he was there. When my younger sister, Emily was getting married, he was the speaker. When he was celebrating his 30th anniversary in Ministry, I was honoured to be the guest speaker. There have been too many memorable events in our relationship, too many to count.

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How would you describe Bishop David Oyedepo as a person and as a man of God?

As a person, he is a man of impeccable character, a man of his words. He is a bold man, very courageous; he is a man with a lion’s heart, very passionate in whatever he believes in. He is a man who is ready to change and adjusts the moment he perceives a superior argument or clearer direction. He is a philosopher, theologian and an orator. He has an uncommon dimension for the gift of the Word of Wisdom, which he has utilized and is still utilizing effectively to bless millions of souls all over the world and to advance his Ministry. He is a holy man to the core, a loving husband and a tough father. He raised his children to be very sound, disciplined and well behaved.

As a man of God, he is a man of vision, a pioneer and a revolutionary who is extremely focused. I am very excited that in spite of so many successes, achievements and great projects, his primary focus still remains evangelism and pastoral care of the people of God.

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