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Siblings Fight: 5 steps to solve the problem

by Family Center

Siblings Fight: 5 steps to solve the problem
Observe the 5 steps to solve the fights of the children in the home:

1. Take control
Stability and peace in the home are essential for harmony and happiness. However, when children take control of the house, passing over their parents, daring to dictate their own rules, it is certain that this family is on the verge of collapse.

Parents must take control of the family, put an end to their children’s whims and manners and, above all, put an end to their fights through moderate correction.

2. Assume your authority
Parents are and should remain as higher authorities in the home, not to impose rules or abuse with their authority, but rather to teach, organize, correct, and set limits on children.

If siblings do not respect themselves and do not show kindness to their siblings, they will hardly have it for others in adulthood, for these attributes usually develop in the home and especially in childhood.

It is the duty of the father and the mother to prepare the children in their childhood to live in society through the teachings established in the home. And all this can be built by wise parents, teaching their children with love, responsibility, kindness, and steadfastness.

3. Be the Good Example
I saw parents rigid and completely uncontrolled with their own emotions in front of the family, and even with these immature attitudes, they wanted the children to respect each other.

If both parents expect their children to be more patient and kind to each other, then these parents should evaluate their own behavior.

Remember that the tendency is for angry parents to produce angry and aggressive children, because if you want to teach them to be kind to your brothers, you must first have control over your own emotions because, more than words, children need good ones Examples.

4. Love them the same
I heard many reports and witnessed situations in which the parents themselves activated without realizing the wrath of the children for each other, all because there was the “preferred” child. This should never exist in a home.

Parents should love children in the same proportion, of course there are times when it is necessary to do healthy activities with them separately to be attentive to the personal needs of each child, however, there should never be absence of parents with no child.

The value of family is born in the infancy of children and endures in their adult life. Children should learn the law of love in the home for their parents’ example, and these parents should teach the importance of the brothers being united, helpful and kind to one another.

5. Be fair
Yes, parents need to be together with their children to prevent hatred from growing inside their hearts, it takes righteous parents who know how to share their household duties with the whole family.

We all need to have responsibilities for personal growth, but what we charge for one, also needs to be charged on the other, like household chores. Parents! Please, without this of which the boy should not do domestic services and that it is the daughter’s duty these obligations. Both should help.

Remember: What is offered to one, the other must also receive, as a gift. If you can not give it to both, do not give it to any.

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