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Six ways to reduce stress after a long and Hard Work week

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Six ways to reduce stress after a long and Hard Workweek

Six ways to reduce stress after a long and Hard Workweek

  1. Play a game

Our first tip is: Play a game! Whether a board game with your family or partner or a video game on your phone, computer, or PlayStation. Playing games will not only make you relax but will force you to use your brain in a very different way from how you normally use your brain when you are at work.

  1. Go outside and get some fresh air

Another great way to relax both body and mind is by going outside and just getting out of the house. Sometimes all it takes to relax mentally is to do something physically. If you are up for it after a long work week, go for a run or a walk to get some healthy exercise and think about something other than all the stress you have experienced this week.

  1. Disconnect and forget everything that has to do with work

Many people tend to take work home with them over the weekend – but this is not a good way to relax and de-stress after a long work week. If you want to perform your best at work, you should also be able to perform your best at home – and this has absolutely nothing to do with working. That is why you should aim not to think about work at all when you are home and off work.


  1. Relax your body and brain

There are so many ways to relax your mind and body. So you just have to find out what does the job for you. Do you like listening to music? Do you like to read catching and interesting books? Do you enjoy meditating or doing yoga at home? Or do you prefer to just take a nap when you feel stressed or overwhelmed? No matter what the best way for you to relax is – just do it.

  1. Create something with your hands

Whenever you need to take your mind off something, try creating something physically. Do something with your hands. Whether you enjoy cooking, drawing, journaling, taking photos, or something completely else, you should definitely try doing it whenever you feel stressed. Try a new recipe, do a drawing challenge, start bullet journaling or go somewhere where you have never been before to do some photography.

  1. Do something fun!

If you truly want to relax – and at the same time do something good for yourself – try doing something fun. No matter how strange it might feel, going directly from a long and hard week of work to doing something really fun and different – it works! Play around with your kid, play outside with your dog, watch a stupid reality show, daydream about your travel plans, watch funny videos on YouTube, and visit your best friend.


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