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How “Social Media” Can Ruin Your Relationship

by Family Center

How “Social Network” Can Ruin Your Relationship

Kehinde Ayeotan

The advent of technology and the information age has rapidly changed how we conduct ourselves in business, education, and in general human interaction.

Advances such as email, instant messaging, and social media Such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc were all created to make communications easier and more convenient.

Families and friends across great distances can now more easily communicate face-to-face anytime they want. Dating sites successfully match thousands of soon-to-be spouses each year, and parents can more easily keep in touch with their children throughout the day.

Communication is one of the most important
things in any relationship. It helps build a happy Healthy relationship and start a happy family.

However, as society adapts to these fresh avenues of contact, there are also ways new technology threatens to strip away important aspects of how people relate and connect on a personal level. This can be especially true in our most intimate relationship

Many people have devoted so much time to social network, chatting with friends and colleagues than talking and discussing with their partners at home. Many people are been carried away by social network addiction even when their partners are discussing with them, they will not respond to the conversation.

Some people have now formed the habit of flirting on the social network. Flirting online is the number one killer of strongest and happiest relationships. Many relationship and marriages have broken due to online flirting with your ex can destroy your relationship.

The rate of which people depend on a smartphone is alarming. According to Dr. James Roberts, An America doctor, “the typical American checks his/her smartphone once every six-and-a-half minutes or roughly 150 times each day”. Whenever the frequency checks on our phone interrupts a conversation or quality time with a romantic partner, it can have serious consequences on our relationship.

“Phubbing” is common among smartphone addictions, it was derived from” phone snubbing”. Phubbing is the moments when one partner gets distracted by their phone and the other partner feels rejected, for instance, maybe your are trying to read someone’s chat or send a message to someone on social network and your spouse called your attention to something at that particular time, you might snubbed him/her or even shout at him or her.

With the increase of many smartphone devices, phubbing has becomes so common that it is now one of the biggest sources of conflicts in romantic relationships and happy healthy family., it leads to arguments about money, kids, domestic chaos, and sex.

The bottom line is: nobody likes to be phubbed. It makes us feel as though our partners don’t take us seriously and/or don’t find us interesting.

It leads to more insecurity in ourselves and more uncertainty about our relationships. So, if your goal is to have a happy, healthy relationship, it’s best to consistently prioritize your partner over your smartphone.

The more distance you put between yourself and your phone, the more closeness you can achieve in your relationship.

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