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South African police kill Nigerian – NICASA calls for calm

by Okechukwu Liberty
Nigerian protesting the wrongful killing of Stanley Igwe

South African police kill Nigerian – NICASA calls for calm

Nigerian Citizens’ Association in South Africa (NICASA) has called for calm over the alleged killing of one Mr Stanley Igwe, 30, by South African police.

The Deceaced: Stanley Igwe

The Deceased: Stanley Igwe


In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the telephone, on Tuesday, the President-General of NICASA, Mr Ben Okoli, said the family of the deceased had been duly informed about the incident.

Okoli pleaded that relatives of the deceased and other Nigerians, should be calm and not take the law into their hands, while they wait for the autopsy report and subsequent police investigation.

Xenophobia in South Africa is a lingering issue

Xenophobia in South Africa is a lingering issue that needs the AU’s attention

“NICASA also appeals to the relevant authorities, especially the police, to carry out a thorough investigation and ensure that the culprits to this alleged act of murder are arrested, prosecuted and jailed.

“Police Officers who take pride in the killing of Nigerians under one pretence or the other must be stopped.

“We trust in the capacity of the police to thoroughly investigate the case, arrest the culprits, prosecute and secure the conviction of the criminals,” he said.

He stated that measures had been taken to alert the KwaZulu-Natal provincial Chairman, Mr Bartholomew Eziagulu, upon hearing the sad news of Igwe’s demise.

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The KwaZulu-Natal chairman and his executive members were commended by Okoli for driving to Newcastle, a four-hour journey from Durban, to gather information about the circumstances of Igwe’s death.

He narrated that some Nigerians, who witnessed Igwe’s arrest, testified that an unmarked black-coloured Golf car, occupied by some men in mufti, stormed Bosco parking lot behind a popular meat buy and braai, where they assaulted him.

Out of fear and not recognizing the men as Police officers, but as robbers, Igwe ran to a nearby shopping arcade near Spar-supermarket; the men pursued him into the arcade where they got him in front of a shop known as ‘Power’.

“They punched and kicked him out from the arcade and when the deceased queried why he was being attacked he was further punched and kicked into the police van.

“The incident happened at about 11 a.m and it was alleged that the police drove him around for several hours and in between they stopped and took turns to beat Igwe and throw him back into the van.

“When they realised that he was dead in their custody, they drove him to the Newcastle police station at about 1 pm and reported that he had ingested some substance, which had killed him.

“This development angered the Nigerian community who believed it was obviously a murder case and angrily went to the police station to demand that Igwe’s killers be brought to book”, Okolie narrated to NAN.



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