by O. S David



-Stanley Ugagbe

Being successful is all about how badly you want it and how much you’re willing
to work for it. It’s about the traits you possess and how you figure out yourself to
help get you there.

Success is something that all of us wish to attain. But, if it were so easy, everyone
who wanted it would have it. Its relative exclusiveness is what makes it special.

It’s exclusive to a handful of people who did extra ordinary things to help get
them where they are today. And it wasn’t because they were just lucky or
because it was just handed to them, but they stood out from the crowd for good.
The soul of the sluggard desireth and hath nothing; but the soul of the diligent
shall be made fat.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Of course there are many ways to be
noticed in a crowd. You can jump up and down like a Christmas frog. Take your
top off. Make loud noise like a derailed man. But, these strategies usually create
short lived interest or ridicule. Such are strategies of standing out for foolishness
and had I known.

As an individual who desires success; who wants to fulfill destiny and make your
name stand in the sand of time, there are ways to stand out in a professional way
and be noticed for the real artist that you’re. This is because those who are great
today didn’t just wake up into greatness or made unnecessary noise, they did
something extra ordinary. They stood out from the crowd for the right reasons.
Take your work seriously. Being a respected professional requires
that you become a master at your craft. And that can only come if you’re serious
about your craft. People who need services are seeking for experts; those who
can do the work excellently well. If in a group of singers, footballers, and
architects you’re the best, you would have succeeded in standing out from the
crowd. Of course everybody wants to do business with the best; everybody wants to run to the best for ideas and solutions. You must say no to the devilish spirit of
‘I don’t care’ and be up and doing in your task to enable you stand out from the

To stand out from the crowd you must take time to do little things right. The old saying goes that, if it were easy, everyone would be doing
it. Well, that is not necessarily true as there are some easy things most people
don’t do because they just don’t think those things are worthwhile or they are too
indolent to do them. Doing little things connote that you’re building a favourable
image about yourself. Little things that make people to say, ‘God will bless the
person that did this thing’. Little things in your house, your environment and
everywhere you find yourself. Ignoring little things means you’re saying to the
world ‘I don’t have time to do things right or everyone is doing it that way and am
no exception. If you always take time to do little things right, you will stand out
for a positive example.

To stand out from the crowd you must live a principled life. A
life of ‘anyway is a way’ is an open arm to mediocrity. Your yes must be a yes and
no a no. A principled life connotes that you must be discipline. Youthful Daniel
stood out from the crowd because he abided by his principles. Conforming to
other people’s standard to get their support and the likes of benefits will only
make you a porous person. Your ability to stand out for what is right at all times
will stand you out from the crowd for good. Your ability to say yes when a
thousand of people are saying no to a naked truth will stand you out for good.

To stand out from the crowd you must imbibe the spirit of creativity.
Creativity is about doing old things in a new way. Think about a new way of
teaching people to understand and society will come begging for your services.
Think about a new way of leadership that will enhance development and the
world will come knocking on your door for services. Think about new ways to
raise little children for a glorious tomorrow and the world will come begging for
your services. Think about new ways to enhance society and the world will bow
before you.

Standing out from the crowd demands that you ask quality questions.
Asking quality questions means asking the right questions that will provide useful
information. If you do not ask, you will not know. Germane questions will bring
forth relevant information that will make you be ahead of your mates.

Knowing thyself will help you to define who you’re and stand out from the
crowd. Get feedback from others and find out how you come across. This way you
can accurately market yourself and target the roles that fit you. Are you living a
life that is more in line with your ‘authentic’ self? That is, who you were created
to be or your ‘fictional’ self, that is who the world has told you to be? You
probably weren’t aware that these versions of yourself existed. A lady once said,
‘sometimes I wish I was someone else’. Do not forget your most important
creation is yourself and all you can ever make is the creation of yourself and that
is what is called self-discovery.

Self-confidence will inspire you to stand out from the crowd. When you truly
believe you can create what you envision and you take the right steps to make it
happen, not much can get in the way. If you believe in yourself and take the
necessary steps to work towards your goals, it will definitely stand you out from
the crowd and become the fellow the world will look up to for one thing or the
other. Endeavor to do whatever you’re doing with excellence.

A man without sense is like a building without pillars. A bush does not sway unless
there is wind. To stand out from the crowd you must have a defined
purpose. Opening arm to everything and anything is a trait of a mediocre and
such people hardly make impact and heard of. Timely definition of what you want
will give you a clear picture of what to do every minute and distinguish you from
others. You have to understand that one thing is to have a purpose and another
thing is to have realistic purpose and most importantly to take the steps towards
it. This is because ‘well done’ is better than ‘well said’.
You must have interest and passion for your purpose so as to achieve something

Making decisions based on logic and reasoning rather than emotion and or
dogma can help you to stand out from the crowd. Too many people react
emotionally to situations rather than thinking them out rationally. Many people
will get upset if someone calls them a name or flashes a particular gesture at
them, even though there is no logical reason to get so agitated by such behavior.

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