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Stop using herbs for menstrual cramps- UNICEF

by O. S David
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Stop using herbs for menstrual cramps- UNICEF

-Adenike Akindude

UNICEF warns Nigerian adolescent girls against using herbs for menstrual cramps

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) through the representatives in Nigeria has given a strong warning against the use of herbs to cure menstrual cramps

This warning was given at Iragbiji, Osun State Nigeria on Wednesday 12th July in a 4-day workshop on Menstrual Hygiene Management which was organized for Adolescent school girls in that community.

Speaking at the Workshop was the National Coordinator of UNICEF Wash in Schools for Girls Project (Wins 4 Girls) in Nigeria; she said the intake of herbs has caused many adolescent girls in the country to become victims of kidney diseases.

She added that pain relief should not be taken during the pain as most of them are not effective. Another thing she mentioned was that sexual intercourse does not stop menstrual pain but has led many adolescents into contacting Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV.

Onyegbegbu said taking fruits, vegetables, plenty water and exercising will help adolescent girls manage menstrual cramps. She also advised that the girls can visit a hospital if the need arises. She added that the use of tissue paper should be avoided but hygienic materials should be used during menstruation.

She called on the government and leaders to help ensure proper hygiene in the schools.


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