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Strong instructions your teenagers need

by Abbey Lily
Strong instructions your teenagers need

The teenage years in a child’s life is the most critical period. In recent times, parents are finding it difficult to create a balance in monitoring their teens.

Teenagers undergo significant changes physically, emotionally and psychologically. This is evident in their intellect, risk-taking, friends, relationships but to mention a few. No wonder they sometimes feel like grown-ups and independent. Also, most teenagers are actually having a lot of things going on in their lives.


Parents need to know how to keep them in check and here are some strong instructions your teenagers need:

1. Counsel on how to manage peer pressure
Teens are faced with intense peer pressure. As a parent, it is your duty to counsel them on how to manage peer pressure. Make them realise that they have a life to live and that nobody could live it for them. Teach them strategies on how to disallow peer pressure to ruin their lives. Also, make them understand the implications of succumbing to negative influences that would hurt them later.

2. Teach them to listen to you effectively
As a parent, ensure that your teenage children listen to your instructions. Share your past experience in similar situations; make them see that you are doing this because you love them. Also, let them know that heeding your advice would make their lives better.

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3. Instill humility
The fact remains that a humble person can achieve anything no matter the limits. Therefore, tell your teenage children there’s no gain in being arrogant. Teach them to be humble no matter what they have achieved.

4. Teach them to apologize
Teach them to apologise whenever they are wrong. Tell them that saying these three words ‘I am sorry’ shows their level of maturity.

5. Smartphone
It is not a bad thing to own a smartphone as a teenager. However, teenagers should be careful about its use. They should not visit websites and contents that would destroy their lives.

6. No romantic relationship yet
Though their hormones are playing pranks on them, it is important that they need to cool down. It is normal that teenagers feel the urge of being attracted to the opposite sex, however, you have to teach them about self-control. Also, make them realise that their academics are a top priority.


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