by Israel Akintunji

Divorce is really a traumatic issue, it involves splitting of one’s entire life. Remember the duo have become one, in asset, in emotions in thoughts, and even in planning. Now imaging separating a Siamese twin.  We often hear from women that their husbands left them for some other girl or woman or getting tired of responsibilities.

Of course, it is not easy to mend that kind of wound so easily.

Rather than acting as psychopaths on such stages or situations of life, one must stay calm and come to a decision gradually without pressurizing oneself. The grief might be so intense sometimes as if unbearable and, women, especially, step towards suicide attempts. But that person is not worthy to take away your life.

So this is not such a heck that might take you to serious suicidal attempts. Yes, the person you had been living with once had some heart connection with you and you had been laughing and caring together for a period of time.

But this doesn’t imply that you must commit suicide or worsen your life than ever before he left you. You must take into account that, nothing worth more than you.

To overcome such traumatic state, kindly follow these steps

Join a gym

Join a gym. Daily workouts and exercises will help you lower stress. Cardio and weight training will help you release endorphin and give you other mental benefits research reveals.

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Start doing yoga

What is Yoga? Yoga is a kind of exercise that will teach you breathing techniques and will give you inner peace and tranquillity that will help you lower down the stress and give your mind some confidence to think positively.

Connect with friends

They always try to figure out the solutions for your problems. So, you must join the company of your friends as much as you can. Laugh together and play together. Do some shopping. Sing songs and enjoy with them. problem is best solved from outside, so connect with friends, they can help you reason objectively.

Get into some hobby

Hobby is some work of your interest that you do mostly in your spare time. If you are passing through such stages of life you must find a hobby.

A hobby will help you get less attention to the situation you passed through. The less you think about whatever happened to you, the more you will feel balanced.

Avoid drugs

Yeah, this one is something necessary. If you have ever been betrayed by someone, that doesn’t mean you must destroy yourself, start taking drugs or drink alcohol. Stop repeating the words “husband left me”, “Wife jilt me”, “I was disappointed” to yourself and looking for excuses to drown yourself in drugs.

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No, that isn’t a way to lower the stress or burden you are experiencing. Drugs have never been something stress-lowering medicine. They always increase your stress level and also make your body and brain unhealthy, so try avoiding drug addiction. You are supposed to live a healthy life.

If you have kids, think about them before you take some serious steps.

Have a strong faith

Significantly, this doesn’t mean you just rush to the church; but you must have a strong faith in God from somewhere inside of you.

As it is said; “God lives inside the heart of human”. Speak to the God and tell Him everything; He is all the way listening to you. You are more special to Him now as you are the one who suffered. Talk to Him, and feel the inner peace.

Don’t cut off with the world

People existing in this world have different souls. Not all the souls are same. If you are betrayed by someone that doesn’t mean that everyone in this world is a fool, like him/her.  Be confident with the world around you. They never know what had happened to you until you show them or expose to them.

Expect good from life ahead

Once you have passed through this traumatizing situation of your spouse leaving you, let your past not ruin your future. Forget the past and be hopeful for the life ahead. Expect good from the future and have faith in God as He loves you more.

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