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Suspected ‘Badoo’ member arrested in Ikorodu. What they to him will shock you

by O. S David

Suspected ‘Badoo’ member arrested in Ikorodu. What they to him will shock you

-Ojo Oluwasegun

A suspected kidnapper / Badoo gang member was caught yesterday, around 7:45pm.

The suspect was seen with a cutlass and a bag full of waste while wandering around Obafemi Awolowo Road, before Government Technical College, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Dailyfamily.ng learnt that he was later taken to the police station by residents after almost being lynched…

According to an eyewitness, Rasheed Adedeji Fatuga‎, who gave the full account of the incident said, all effort to hand him over to the local vigilante group called ‘Onyabo’ proved abortive in order to save him jungle justice.
“When he was approached and asked some few questions, his responses were not clear.

He couldn’t defend himself, he said he’s a farmer, he’s family are all dead. He resides in Ewu-Elepe, he’s this and he’s that. You know the situation in Ikorodu right now, as it’s getting hot, before we know it, people started gathering and kept demanding for jungle justice on him.

To our surprise, we called the Local Vigilante Group’s contacts, the Onyabo, several times, but no avail. Some of them told us that they are the only ones on duty, that the patrol van isn’t available. Some told us that we should take him to the police station.The Police Department told us that we should find a way to bring him to the police station, that if they come to the scene, the angry mobs won’t allow them to take the suspect away, that they will be throwing stones at them.

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For over 45 minutes, we stood solidly waiting for the Police or Onyabo and prevented jungle justice, because we need to know if the suspect is innocent or not, he might not know anything about kidnapping or badoo and he might also know a lot about the notorious badoo gang.

But the only way to confirm this and get useful information from him is through interrogation, which will be done by the Police or Onyabo.

Eventually, we took him to the police station in a Tricycle (Keke Nahep), it was then we realised that Fatai Owoseni, CP, is aware, directed the police to visit the scene immediately, but we were already in the Igbogbo Police station by then.” 


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