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The 6 Discipline Mistakes You Are Committing While Educating Your Child

by Family Center

The 6 Discipline Mistakes You Are Committing While Educating Your Child
No parent is provided with an instruction manual on how to educate their child. It can be a difficult task to know what to do or not do to make the child (or adolescent) a responsible and happy adult.

Even if you want to provide only the best for your child – from everything you learned when you were his age – it is vital to avoid committing any of the topics listed below.

1. Do not rebuke
Children and adolescents often make mistakes from time to time, after all, it is natural to be human.

However, it is critical that you rebuke your child to the extent of your mistakes. You will not be able to raise your child if he can not understand that what he did was wrong.

Therefore, remember to always use devices that do not involve physical aggression (like tapas), even in the sense of correcting.

But also take steps worthy of a “punishment,” so that your child understands that you are not the kind of mother/father that allows certain things to go smoothly.

2. Let only eat what you want
When it comes to educating your child, keep in mind that you are the whole source of leadership he possesses in the home.

It is a mistake, for example, to replace meals that you consider healthy for your child by other foods that he would eat more easily.

Even though he says “then you will not want to eat anything,” let him eat nothing.

After all, at some point, he will have the need and need to eat what he has available.

It is important that your child understands that it is not because he said that he does not want to eat vegetables, that he can then have a hot dog.

3. Do not establish routines
Your child must have routines and follow them correctly, otherwise he will make his own decisions – which can often end up harming him.

Teach him that he can only enter the computer to play games after he has done the homework, not the other way around.

There is a phrase that says “duty comes first, then pleasure,” and as soon as your child understands it, it will be easier to get him into a routine and fulfill his obligations.

4. Obey the requirements of your child
Many parents are well aware of the stress it is when their children cry or scream in public places just because they want a toy or expensive candy.the-6-discipline-mistakes-you-are-committing-while-educating-your-child-dailyfamily.ng

Even if you just want your child to stop making scandal, have a firm grip and do not fulfill his wishes at that moment.

Otherwise, he will understand that he can have what he wants from you, just need to get his attention.

5. Psychological Terror
Many parents say that they have been caught up in childhood and that they see no problem in hitting their children in the sense of correction.

However, tapping your child is not the best way to educate him or her on what is right or wrong.

Your child will eventually end up feeling threatened by you and even avoiding conversations or honesty.

Always try to talk to your child, understand his side, and try to make him understand your side.

6. Not giving freedom to dream
In order to educate your child it is important that you also give space for him to develop his own dreams and ambitions.

Avoid repressing your child in case he has different wishes for the future than the ones you have planned for him.

Do not demand that your child become the professional you would like him to be, allow him to think freely about what he wants for the future.

Provide affection and attention, devote himself so that he has good morals and values, so that he becomes an incredible person independent of the professional that he will become.

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