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The benefits of pedaling

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The benefits of pedaling
If a bicycle was once used only for walks, today it has become an alternative means of transportation for those who are concerned with ensuring the preservation of the planet, adopting a sustainable lifestyle and still avoid congestion.

5 Habits That Leaves Your Legs SwollenPedaling is also one of the most complete activities for exercising the body and escaping the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. A stroll through the city for 40 minutes spends about 300 calories. And the benefits of pedaling are many.

The movements exercised with the bicycle work all the muscles of the body, strengthen the glutes, calves, abdomen and leave the legs more firm.

In addition, creating the habit of cycling improves physical fitness, cardiorespiratory and combat problems such as depression and stress.

For safety, one tip is to always wear comfortable clothes and shoes and moisturize the body well by drinking plenty of water before and during the ride.

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