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The Most Important Ingredient That Can Preserve The Love Of Couples

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The Most Important Ingredient That Can Preserve The Love Of Couples

The Most Important Ingredient That Can Preserve The Love Of Couples
For love there is nothing better than the ingredient of freedom. Already said a song from the 80’s, if you love someone, leave it free. People think that real love is doing everything the partner would not want to forget about himself and his goals.

The couple who want to be close to each other all the time need to understand that this approach does not increase love but causes it to become a prison. The human being needs free will for his happiness just as the organism needs water for survival. So the best way to preserve love in a relationship is to balance your emotions and respect your partner’s freedom always.

Individual maturity will help you balance two lives and individual and shared decisions. And as young couples still have a lot to grow love can be destroyed by either or both sides because of just the wrong concept of love and belief that holding the partner is the right thing to do.

The couple’s freedom does not include momentary pleasures, betrayals, and lies in any way. Freedom is not debauchery. When one truly loves one’s spouse, one understands that one’s freedom ends when that of another is affected. Respect is one of the most important attributes in relation to two and strengthens the union day after day.

Friendships, achievements, time for themselves and even a little loneliness make the relationship good and allow the spouses the freedom they need for individual success and the admiration that will come from the partner.
And when the other really loves, he does not want to meet other people or wants to keep other relationships because he respects and wants the best for his spouse.

Before the divorce was legalized people were forced to remain married and this often caused many problems. Today couples can see divorce as an option and so make sure that if the spouse is inside the marriage it is because it is free and their choice was just that.

So that couples can give more freedom to each other and leave the concept of love-romantic-prison aside, some attitudes can be made:

In moments to two express the love that feels through looks, words, affection and surprises strengthens the union and tells the partner that there is happiness in being beside him.

Constant dialogue, avoiding falling into routine or making it a novelty every day.

Message exchange is often confined to shopping lists, child schedules, and other appointments.

Paying attention to the tone of voice, the emotion, the always thankfulness and the joy keep helping to make each moment repetitive in single.

Always tell where you are going when you do not go out with your spouse so that trust is maintained. Avoid creating jealousy – they are not proof of love. When the partner feels secure in the relationship there will be no reason for discord or doubt that can lead to unfounded mistrust.

Encourage the spouse to realize their dreams and achieve their goals while also achieving their own goals.

Avoid orders, always use magic words as please and thank you, allow individual proactivity to exist and manifest naturally.

Stop projecting on the other person illusions and hopes. Creating expectations can be very frustrating for both.

Allow the other and give yourself time alone so that the longing is felt and the relationship is valued.

When a couple is free this is clearly visualized by others, for they are usually happy, they look at each other passionately as if they are beginning a relationship, they are satisfied with their individual lives and with the familiar and transmit security to each other.

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