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The Role of Sex and Marriage in the Vision of God

by Family Center

The Role of Sex and Marriage in the Vision of God
When a man and a woman love each other and wish to marry and form a family, this includes or should include seriousness and fidelity to the marriage covenant that encompasses monogamy and loyalty in thought and action.

Just as marriage is not just the legalization of sex, the formation of a family is not just marrying and having children. The family is where “man and woman become one flesh”. It is where the love of God is revealed through the parents to the children and the many generations to come.

Sex: Divine Gift
Everything God has done is good. And every thing that He did is meant to reveal His glory. As God-fearing, we need to understand that sex is one of the divine gifts that He has given us for our happiness.

Sex is the power to create lives, and it is natural that there are specific guidelines on the use of this privilege. David Bednar said, ” The way we look at and use this sublime power will largely determine our happiness in mortality and our destiny in eternity.”

Misrepresented Sources of Information
Unfortunately, a large proportion of human beings have a false expectation of what sex represents in marriage. Most of us have contact with “sex” very early, through the fashion that dictates sensuality as attractive, in soap operas, in free porn, in movies and the internet, etc. It is the old confusion of calling desire for love.

This type of “custom” focuses too much on sex only in the body and not in the whole experience of harmony and complementation of genders. More than having different body parts, the man and the woman were made for each other.

Desire, anatomy, and attraction direct you to each other. It is reciprocal giving and receiving that entwines bodies, minds and hearts.

It is the pleasure not only sexual and physical, but also mental and spiritual that complements a couple and makes them one in purpose before the divine plan.

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Indiscriminate sex: From the destruction of society to the disappearance of families

Sex used in a distorted way is the reason for suffering for the vast majority of families. The consequences are:

Unwanted pregnancy


Lack of natural affect

Venereal diseases

Sexual perversions








In short, falls of entire kingdoms and destruction of entire families. The fact that governments, reigns, laws, corrupt people and even some churches try to reduce the seriousness of these practices by making them legal have not helped the maintenance of family power at all, quite the contrary.

Chastity is a training for life. It is an exercise for loyalty, loyalty and difficult times in a marriage.

I have a friend that she and her husband were the most beautiful young men I’ve ever met. Beautiful physically and in a good infectious mood. After a few years of marriage, she suffered an accident and became tetraplegic, and he cared for her with even greater love.

She set him free to be happy with someone else, but he stood firmly beside her. They had two more children after this incident. Today, more than 20 years later, they say they love each other more than ever.

This is the kind of divine love that transcends desire and difficulties, which has sex as a complement, not end.

Eternal love
Sex is an important and enjoyable part of married life. It is the one thing that husband and wife, legally and legitimately married, do with each other that is theirs alone.

All other relationships we have with others contain feelings, situations and similarities of our love relationship, but not sex. God did not give us this gift as mere amusement or fulfillment of body desires.

There is no instruction from the Lord to state that sex between husband and wife should only be for procreation, but there is no approval anywhere for the kind of indiscriminate sex we see in the society in which we live outside the bonds of marriage.

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Sex as a complement to a divine marriage
Some think that happiness will always be in the next conquest. An experct he said “One person may feel immediately attracted to another, but love goes far beyond physical attraction. It is something deep, inclusive, and comprehensive. Physical attraction is just one of several elements; Love and compassion, understanding, and union.There must be common ideals and patterns.There must be great devotion to each other and fellowship.

Prayer includes purity, progress, sacrifice, and altruism.This kind of love never tires or weakens but continues to live in In order for love to continue to exist, there must be a constant increase of trust and understanding, of sincere and frequent expressions of gratitude and affection. Each one must forget himself and constantly worry about the other. The interests, hopes and goals must continually converge to the same point.”

The urgency of teaching children and protecting them to find real happiness

Teach your children the sacredness of sex in marriage. The experts adds that sex is not ” a curiosity to be explored, an appetite to be satisfied, or a kind of recreation or entertainment.” As sons and daughters of God, we inherit His divine abilities, but right now we live in a fallen world.”

If your children grow up with the knowledge of what the Lord really expects of a man and a woman in relation to sex and marriage, and know how to invest time and patience in marriage through the example you have given them, not attending to the various involvements of society World, not only will they experience full sex as God wants them to be when they marry, but also divine happiness.

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