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The Type Of Women That Men Do Not Like

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The Type Of Women That Men Do Not Like
First of all, we must understand that we will approach this subject in this article in a general way, so it may be that you do not fit into this situation and do not have this type of behavior.

Understanding the subject
For the most part, women are never satisfied, they are always unhappy with their body, appearance, work, home or something else. In fact, all people are like that, but what differs in women is that they often become insecure, feeling inferior, incapacitated, and begin to compare with other women who are apparently better than her In such a case.

This type of attitude is extremely detrimental to the mental health of any individual. The person becomes insecure and their self-esteem is low.

Insecurity is directly linked to lack, for one must feel loved, wanted, and desired. What gives her strength is knowing that someone cares for her and loves her the way she is. And if there is no such person, the need will come, and she will eventually suffocate anyone who approaches her.

All of us, without exception, have many things to improve, and that is good, because we will always be in search of progress. The problem is when these our imperfections see lamentations and feelings of inferiority.

We all have our insecurities for the simple fact that what we are bad at will always have someone who is good. But we can not let that be harmful. You also have qualities that are difficult for other people.

Why do not men like it?
I believe that clearly nobody likes to be smothered by a supercarente person of attention, because in everything there are limits. But especially men, they admire the woman who is strong and determined, the one who runs after what she wants and is herself, who does not pretend to be someone else to get approval.

I particularly have my moments of need and insecurity, just like everyone else, but the woman who has these feelings too much, most of the time, she suffocates her partner. She wants to know at all times what he is doing, and if he does not respond to messages and does not answer calls, he automatically concludes that he is doing something very wrong.

She will not want him to have contact with any woman other than his mother. This is absurd. If he compliments a woman, that would be a point of discussion. No man likes this, and rightly so.

The Florida State University held a very interesting research with 157 couples, showing that the higher the level of insecurity or lack of women, less satisfied partners demonstrated to be with the relationship. In contrast, when men showed lack or insecurity, women knew how to deal with the situation calmly.

A successful relationship requires many things, but one of the most important undoubtedly trusts. Without it, the discussions are almost daily and there is no peace in a relationship, lack and insecurity dominate and haunt their love. It is certainly frustrating to know that who you love the most does not trust you.

If you are having trouble with this in your relationship, seek to trust your love, and first of all, trust yourself. You are strong, and you can do anything you want by striving and acting.

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